Janelle Monae is a Tuxedo influencer that’s her signature style. Never has she disappointed in the red carpet her fashion game is always on fleek new age term for A-game on a strong scale).

Janelle-monae 1        Janelle Monae 24

Looking through all her red carpet looks she has maintained consistency & Tuxedo’s are designed for that body. Do you notice every time she steps into the red carpet it feels like the first time she dresses in a tux?.

Janelle Monae 4        Janelle-Monae 7  Janelle-monae 8       Janelle-Monae 9

I have never seen or came across (over the internet) a female making a fashion statement through a tuxedo, hence I give Janelle the title of Tuxedo Influencer. She gives me the edge to go Tuxedo shopping(If only my bank balance was smiling back at me 😦 ).

janelle-monae 10     Janelle+Monae 11  janelle-monae 13

janelle Monae 14     Janelle-Monae 15 Janelle Monae 16

She brings her own offering to red carpet looks,removing that mindset of (Men=Tuxedo).Do you see how sexy she is in an effortless way? That’s when you know your sense of style&fashion is on steriods, when you don’t force it&people compliment you endlessly.

Janelle Monae 17     Janelle Monae 18   Janelle_Monae 19

Janelle-monae 20          Janelle Monae 21

Showing skin is not what makes me look sexy” -Janelle Monae.

Janelle Monae 22      Janelle Monae 23


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