Khaya witbooi was born in 1977 in Uitenhage the Eastern Cape, South Africa now currently resides and works  in Johannesburg.



Through creativity and careful approach he derived a term called PAP ART- “pap” being a the traditional nutritional staple food in Southern Africa-to define his personal approach to contemporary art as a self taught artist.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

After matriculating he enrolled in a college where he furthered his passion for painting by doing a draughtsmanship and started working as an illustrator for an architectural firm expanding his skills and knowledge as well as broadening his work as a freelancer for the Cape Town newspaper called The Argus specializing in court sketches and cartons,he also specializes in portrait paintings.

Khaya Witbooi’s art is a creation of combinations of stenciling and spray paint on canvas and are strongly influenced by graffiti, pop art and the evolution of the Hip Hop culture and immensely rising aesthetics. He is momentum of work is a balance of post colonial and post apartheid political tensions as well as the paradoxes of consumerism and globalization.

khaya witbooi 2          khaya witbooi 1

Ive taken it upon myself  to make a statement of a concerned citizen. I’m not expecting people from around the world to do it  before i do. If there’s any person to make the first comment , it is the person who feels it immediately, and im that person” – Khaya Witbooi   

khaya witbooi 5

khaya witbooi 6

Witbooi’s artwork is an exploration of the South African apartheid era and socio-political nature painting out his expressions in an urban, edgy feel with an African December 2011 he was awarded an artists residency at one of the most prestigious studio-Greatmore Studios in Cape Town.

khaya witbooi 7



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