What pops in your mind when you see images of Manthe Ribane?

Manthe Ribane 1               Manthe Ribane 8

I see Bold, strong, fearless, rule breaker, I Don’t Care Attitude, I’m rocking what I want. That’s exactly how I visualize Manthe.Manthe Ribane is a Johannesburg dancer, model, artist& an all round performer, has been part of the well known South Africa dance crew  V.I.N.T.A.G.E cru making movements, from the wacking, pantsula, voguing, crumping, popping moves,a truly gifted dance crew. Trust me when I say she’s good at it,I’ve witnessed it, she makes you engage in her moves actually makes you want to dance with her. Manthe is a selective creative human her fashion sense is CRAZE :),the craze that I love, a showstopper, no rules when it comes to putting an outfit together, she really GOES BIG. She explores fashion to the core.

Vintage Cru with Manthe Ribane           MantheAndGang

Manthe Ribane 13           Manthe Ribane 5       Manthe-Ribane 11

Manthe can be classy&girly but living in the creative spirit is more of her style.She owns her style no one can rock her outfits better than her,I prefer calling Manthe a Street Style Muse give her colors&see her work her magic.

Manthe Ribane 2      Manthe Ribane 3

Manthe Ribane 7            Manthe Ribane 4

Simplest yet realest quote ever

“You can come from the dingiest place, but it’s about how are you going to take yourself, as trash or as golden? Nobody knows your struggle or what you’ve left behind at home, but it’s how you are going to represent yourself out to the world that matters the most”. – Manthe Ribane

Manthe Ribane 6           Manthe Ribane 8Manthe Ribane 9


Facebook:Manthe Ribane.

Manthe Ribane 10           Manthe Ribane 12        Manthe Ribane 14


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