TCP-TheCreativePattern CW-Caron Williams.

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TCP: Introduction.                          

CW:I’m Caron Williams, the Editor of The Plug Mag which is an online publication focused on local and international hip hop, urban culture and fashion.

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TCP: Please take us through the birth and rise of The Plug SA? What was the original idea behind the magazine?                                   

 CW: I’ve always been incredibly passionate about hip hop, urban culture and fashion and becoming and Editor has always been my dream. The Plug Mag was the brainchild of 6th Avenue Group, they approached me regarding becoming an Editor of their online publication and I agreed.


TCP: What’s your mission at The Plug SA?

CW: The Plug is aimed at providing engrossing content about local urban and hip hop culture. We aim to elevate the narrative around the local industry and offer critical think pieces on the current state of culture.

TCP: Please run us through a working day for you?

CW: I work a full time job at an advertising agency and serve as the Editor of The Plug Mag, so my schedule is extremely busy. With regards to The Plug Mag, my days entail ensuring posts go live, conducting interviews, compiling and sending out briefs, conceptualizing covers and editorial plans with our publisher, 6th Avenue Group, editing articles where necessary, etc.

TCP: As The Plug SA is a growing online publication what are your aspirations for it? 

CW: We’ve only begun laying down the foundation for The Plug Mag. We plan on extending our online publication, ensuring we become the leading hip hop and urban publication in South Africa. 2017 is going to a thrilling year as we’ll be launching a number of exciting new ventures. We want to break barriers within the hip hop and media landscape.

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TCP: Editors you draw inspiration from?                                                    

CW: I’m immensely inspired by Franca Sozzani and Anna Wintour. Vogue Italia is one of the most aesthetically and conceptually advanced publications in the fashion world and the power and influence that American Vogue has amassed under Wintour’s helm is inspiring.

I’m also inspired by Kevin Ma. He’s the founder of Hypebeast and has been at the forefront of defining how streetwear, hip hop and urban culture exist within the digital sphere.                                            

TCP: What are the 3 important elements you look for in a writer?  

CW: The ability to think and reason critically is very important to me in a writer. As custodians of the culture, we’re narrating every pivotal moment and it’s important that our narration is balanced and well through out. Objectivity is also very important. Thirdly, the ability to truly unpack a subject; I want writers who can truly capture the essence of the individual they’re interviewing, or the emotional complexity of an album. I need to read an article and walk away being moved and having obtained a greater understanding of the subject at hand.


TCP: In your honest opinion how are you finding the position and power of being an editor? 

CW: I’ve always dreamt of becoming an Editor. It’s something I’m so passionate about and truly view as part of my purpose. Working closely with the incredible team at 6thAvenue Group and our writers and watching The Plug Mag evolve from a mere idea to a dynamic publication has been surreal. We literally get to make a meaningful contribution to the local culture and shape how the industry is perceived. It’s a thrilling role, but one that does come with a great deal of responsibility too.

TCP: How has the development of online publications influenced your work routine?

CW: Yes, definitely. The digital landscape is fascinating and one that’s evolving on a daily basis. Understanding how publications need to adapt based on the evolution of how content is consumed by our audience is very important.

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TCP: What to expect from Caron Williams?

CW: For now, I’m focused on helping to grow The Plug Mag with the rest of the team. Keep an eye on us in 2017 , it’s going to be an amazing year.

We from TheCreativePattern would like to thank Caron Williams for taking time out to do this interview with us, may God bless you and your future endeavors.

You can find Caron through the following:

Twitter: @CaronWilliams_ / @ThePlugSA

Instagram and Snapchat: @caron_williams 




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