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TCP: Introduction.

LY: Hi, My name Lethu Yende (22), I am a Durban based photographer.


TCP: How did you get into the world of photography and what important role does it play in your life?

TY: Cutting a long story short, Due to the separation of my parents at a very young age, I moved a lot and changed schools quite often – so I was always the new kid in school therefore adaptation was in forced in me. Nevertheless, I had a beautiful childhood and memories only with stories to tell but no photographs, I don’t own a single baby photo of myself. I hardly recall, how I even looked like as a kid. When I was 12 years old, my father got me my first camera (Kodak disposable) with a few exposures, I remember getting so carried away with that camera until it was hidden from me, and due to the constant moving it eventually went missing, missing just like the images in my stories. When I was in High school, I studied Visual Arts, I was so intrigued about the history of our culture, tradition and how art is such a powerful tool. Eventually I was able to save up for my own point and shoot camera and I took it upon myself to document my life and everything around it.

TCP: What projects are you currently working on?

LY:I am currently working on a campaign called “Give credit to the craft” I believe artists are not given the platform they deserve, Mainly because we are terrible at marketing ourselves so what better way to infuse your creative ideas and talent with other creatives? In this campaign I will be working with a lot of local designers, models, make-up artists, stylists, bloggers and graphic designers. Each of which will get their slice of the cake, while marketing each other in the process.


TCP: You a self-taught photographer or you have a relevant qualification?

LY: Both. I just completed my exams as a third year photography student, with the hopes of obtaining my Diploma qualification. Its one thing understanding lighting, composition and framing yet creativity is another? I am a photographer before I am a student to which, I have infused the two quite well, and I am forever a student – There is still so much more I want to learn, as well as teach.

TCP: Which country would you love to go shoot at and why?

LY: Oh my word! There’s so many. Sudan, Italy, France, Cuba and China. Mainly because I love places to which are rich in culture and have such wealth of scenery, which are the best places to document, especially during the religious and traditional festivals. When the island’s roots reach back to indigenous history. You still find people, living off the land, knowing nothing about the cultures beyond their valleys. Visually it is extraordinary what you can learn as well as teach.

TCP: Inspiration comes from different people and things, who and what inspire your work?

 LY: I am inspired the great, strong and bold, South African master photographers, Kevin Carter and Peter Magubane. Their ability to live their lives as observers, their photographs are astonishing and leave you in awe. I am also inspired by the late Horst P.(Vogue) and the way he depicted fashion and women, his concepts are remarkable.


 TCP: You would like to do a fashion editorial shoot for which fashion publication?

LY: Of course my favorite publication, Elle magazine.

TCP: Hopes and wishes for 2017?

LY: 2017, I am hoping to learn more about the Film/Cinematography industry. Intern at a top fashion magazine publication for a few months and hopefully start travelling the world. (I’m a big big dreamer) 🙂


We from TheCreativePattern would love to thank you Lethu Yende for sharing a piece of the big slice of your journey and passion on being a photographer, may the Lord bless you and your future endeavors.

You can find Lethu Yende through the following:

Twitter/Instagram and Snapchat: @MissLaytoo





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