I’m Nikiwe Dlova from Soweto,I love fashion,music,photography (any art form).                                                                                                                                     Nikiwe Dlova 4


2.A brief history on “Own Ur Crown”?           

A colleague encouraged me to start a blog about my style so I decided to focus on my hair because everyone always had an opinion about it, i get comments like “you’re brave, that’s crazy, you’re creative” etc. then I thought it would be dope to feature people that share the same interest of expressing themselves through their hair & i thought it would be interesting to find out the inspiration behind their crowns. Also I realized that people are scared to try out new things or to be themselves so I hope the blog will give them courage to have fun with their hair.

Own Ur Crown Blog Banner                            Own Ur Crown Blog Banner 2

3.How has your journey been from the beginning till now & how are the steps you taking furthering you into your adventure?      

The journey has been good,  I’ve been getting a lot of interviews regarding the blog & it’s only been 5 months old so it shows that people are interested & loving the content,i  appreciate that a lot. For now I’m still promoting the blog so that people are familiar with it so we’ll see where the journey leads me

4.Blogs&websites you find influential?                        

Cedric Nzaka’s tumblr

Jeffrey Rikhotso’s tumblr

through shaded eyes by Tokelo Motsepe


5.How has the hair street culture evolved ie. the narrative & aesthetic appeal?                     

I think (some) people have found the freedom to do whatever they want without worrying about what people are going to say, it’s refreshing to see new creative fresh hairdos. Back in the day we used to relax, s-curl, perm, Bob curl etc because we were influenced by the media,family etc. & the looks became standard, we didn’t see random cool hairdos that often,now people are remixing those hairstyles & experimenting which is great to see.

Nikiwe Dlova 3.jpg

Since I started the blog I’ve been researching about hair & I’m getting even more fascinated about how “ancient Africans’ used to use their hair to communicate, to express their culture/tradition or just to look great & some still do, so these “alternative” hairstyles are not new. Mama Mirriam Makeba used to own her african crown inspired by  African hairstyles & represented that unapologetically. Moonchild, DJ Doowap, Thandiswa Mazwai, Elo, Maitele are some of the people that are owning their crowns, you can easily  identify them by their hair & it’s part of their brand now. So yeah hair street culture has evolved & still evolving                                                     

6.How do you intend on being influential/inspirational to others?                        

By being myself & expressing it, the blog is one of the ways of influencing people to be themselves & to express themselves  however they want.

7.How futuristic do you see the hair street culture moving towards?                                     

As futuristic as possible,Hair = Art & we mustn’t be scared to go wild with it,for example i recently featured Bedoo hair (Beaded wigs)

that’s a dope different concept I love it!! & that’s futuristic, it is breaking boundaries in so many levels while slaying, I  also saw an exhibition about hair/Braids by Shani Crowe & it blew my mind that’s Super futuristic so we shall see what’s going to pop next. Also some of the people I’ve featured are rocking futuristic hairdos                                       

8.What can we expect from you?                        

 Two words – Great things!!

Nikiwe Dlova 1

You can find Nikiwe Dlova through the following:

-Nix Dlova (Facebook)

-Nix_indamix  (Twitter & Instagram)

-own UR crown (Facebook)

-ownurcrown (Instagram & Twitter)





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