In 1964 Sarah Danes Jarrett was born in the UK,her family emigrated to Africa,in Zimbabwe.She holds a graphic design diploma,she won 3 CLIOS.

Sarah Danes Jarrett 1

In 1998 she retired from design to focus more on becoming a mother a few years later he passion&love for painting caught up with her.Sarah has created artwork that has almost half have sold to international buyers with works in private collections from Switzerland,Germany Ireland and England.Her work can be found in America, Sweden, Austria, the Middle East, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

“My paintings try and tell the story of feminine vulnerability,tenderness and fragility.The style is paradoxically chaotic; the brazen and aggressive brush strokes use colours that bear no similarity to my skin; the shameless scale invades my space. The translucency and reflection of skin, furrowed lips, curving necks, sweeping hair, soulful eyes; they are a visual body language narrating the story that I can’t vocalize.”Says Sarah

“My style is paradoxically chaotic
Brazen and aggressive brush strokes form soft curves
Colours used that bear no similarity to my skin

 The shameless scale breaks my intimacy barriers.The translucency & reflection of skin, furrowed lips, curving necks,sweeping hair and soulful eyes narrate a story I can’t vocalize.”

“Extend yourself, because the more life experience you have the more depth your work will have.”

“My art is closer to home, simpler,
humbler I watch people, how they interact, I love subtle body language. Inspiration I get from you,
the person standing next to you, my memories, all other artists
good and bad, my kids, friends who have strange dreams…..”



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