A young, ambitious & energetic man by the name ClixWell opens up to us.

Qhama Xhali 5

TheCreativePattern– TCP Qhama Xhali- QX.

TCP: Introduction.                                            

QX: My name is Qhama Xhali, I’m a 28 year old social media manager from King Williams Town & East London. I currently live and work in Joburg.

Qhama Xhali 2

TCP: How did Chase Apparel all come together?                                                            

QX: I was hanging out with the founder TP Pillay in Port Alfred during varsity days. He complimented me on the way I dressed and told me he’d be starting a clothing label soon. A few months later he called me up and asked me to consult for him. A few years later, I’m the label’s brand manager. It’s been a cool ride so far.

TCP: Please take us through your creative process?                                                              

QX: -Brief



       -Look and Feel

      – Pitch


Qhama Xhali 6.jpg

TCP: How has being a content creator evolved and caused a positive and effective stir in the media industry? And you’ve created content for?                                                              

QX: Content creation has now affirmatively moved to digital spaces for instance, marketing on social media is effective because one can receive immediate feedback on an advert or promotion. Content produced on digital platforms is easier to alter to suit a certain audience, whereas a TV advert communicates one message to everyone.

Haha I’m not allowed to tell you who I’ve created content for, but it includes some of your favourite TV shows and channels.

TCP: How did you get the role of being a presenter on AzaTV and how has it been so far?                                                                      

QX: The owners of the online TV show, Salamina and Stephina heard that I’d spent some time in Joburg and asked if I’d be willing to come in for a screen test. They made me feel at ease so I enjoyed the audition process and got the job. It was such an amazing experience working with people you’d watched on TV growing up.

TCP: Looking at the business side of your career, how is the turnout? Greater than what you expected?                                                    

QX: I do things that I enjoy, so business is almost always fun even when it’s slow. It’s not greater than I expected because there’s still so much to do, but the support we’ve received from people has been insane.

TCP: What business investments would you like to venture in and why?                                  

QX: I’d like to further the businesses I’m already in, namely Chase Clothing and Chase Fest. I’d also love to go into audio visual production one day.                                            

TCP: What’s incredibly distinct about Qhama’s character in business?                            

QX: There’s no one quite like me. I’m random. My approach is consistent as a person and as someone you’d do any kind of business with.        

TCP: Mogul’s who add fuel to you & your career, to do greater things?                              

QX: Stephina Zwane, Salamina Mosese, Che Ajulu, TP Pillay and Sfiso Mthethwa are a few who come to mind. 

Qhama Xhali 4.jpg

TCP: Advice you would love to share?            

QX: I can’t really give any advice cos I haven’t done anything monumental yet. But yeah, be grateful for everyday, Trust God and be yourself always.

We from The CreativePattern would like to thank you Qhama Xhali for sharing with us your life and love through your passion,may the good Lord bless you and your future endeavors.

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Twitter: @Clixwell.

Instagram: Clixwell.

Facebook: Qhama Xhali.

Snapchat: Clixwell



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