My name is Unam Ntantala, a 22 year old Bcom Accounting student & photographer from Johannesburg.

Unam Ntantala
Photo Cred: LeboLukeWarm
Unam Ntantala
Photo Cred: John Baloyi

 2.When did your photography journey come to life?  

My photography journey began in 2012 after my grandmother bought me a camera as a gift after I had returned from the mountains. At first, I just used to take images of my friends and the people around me as well as whatever else interested me but soon I found myself getting into photography and trying to make my images look a certain way and that’s when the real journey began. The journey of turning a passion into a business.


3.How do you maintain relevancy in your craft, stay grounded in the process & find inspiration?                                                            

How I maintain relevance is simply by sticking to what I know best but at the same time not being afraid to play around with the craft and have as much fun with it as I possibly can. I always say that even though this is a business now but I never approach it as one because the most important thing is to enjoy what I’m doing and everything else will follow. Haha, how I stay grounded is by reminding myself that there is only one God that deserves praise and what I do needs to be used as a tool to bring praise to God and expand his church and followers. I’m constantly inspired by where I’m from (Eastern Cape) and the pride my people have in themselves.

Unam Ntantala 12

4.Please take us through your cycle of obstacles & achievements on your journey to success?                                          

I personally wouldn’t say I’m successful yet in my career however with time and enough patience I surely will be. The obstacles I’ve faced on my journey are mainly client loyalty and expansion of my client base. My biggest achievement has certainly been shooting for a Switzerland based company which I certainly had a lot of fun working with.

5.What project have you worked on that you have received the utmost overwhelming feedback?                                                            

All my projects have received equal success …

6.Photographers&ordinary people you draw inspiration from?

The photographers I draw inspiration from are:

Rog Walker

Jimmy Nelson


John Baloyi

Siphesihle Mmusane

Andile Buka

The people I draw inspiration from are:

Lulama Mlambo

Jerry van Vorstenbos

Steven Onoja

Joshua Kissi


7.Please name a few people you have worked with and still wanna work with?

I’ve worked with bloggers and influencers mainly such as Lulama Wolf, Lerato K, Mihlali Ndamase, Lindiwe Ngubeni  to name a few and at the moment I’d love to work with Yoliswa Mqoco haha, she’s super funky. I love working with people who aren’t particularly well known for my own reasons.

8.Whats the latest project you working on?                                                    

I’m currently working on an on-going project that I started working on with my brother in 2014. It’s a project that highlights the life of Xhosa initiates in South Africa.

You can interact with Unam Ntantala through the following:

Twitter & Instagram: @unamntantala.



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