Painter and ceramic artist Louise Almon was born in 1958 she trained in the art schools of Rhodes and Cape Town University, where she graduated as a Bachelor of Fine Art in 1981.

Louise Almon 3        Louise Almon 15.jpg

Louise’s experience as an artist has been enriched by her involvement as a founder member of the Imvaba Arts Association, a non-profit organization that promotes black artists and make their work accessible to the art market.

“I work from a studio in Fordsburg, the city skyline is my landscape and the street below my inspiration. The movement and energy of the stream of city dwellers move in and out of my landscape, some more permanent than others. Some years ago I worked on a series “Searching for the City”, and I find myself continually researching and playing with this theme. The city I attempt to portray is today more peopled and busier than before but the search is still for the linkages that ground the inhabitants.”.                     

Through her artwork you see her vision, a rich tapestry of social realist murals and oil paintings reflecting the lives of ordinary South African workers and youth in struggle against apartheid. Almon’s work is a deep interpersonal and reflective in portraits and social scenes that are at once startlingly realistic and yet partially abstract.Colour and space in her masterpieces perfects the creation of an ambiance of mood that captures the characters.

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