Candice Nkosi

Nothing in life can ever compare to not being comfortable in your own skin, zero self-belief in yourself, being insecure and forever finding fault in how you look, assert yourself and your well-being all in all.

I’ve always struggled with finding a sense of belonging in my life amongst friends and family. My interest and vibrations are just unique from the bunch, thus I resort to being a loner. Being insecure is probably one of life’s greatest hacks because you never really experience life for what it is in its genuine essence. Your life resonates around how embarrassed you’d get should you try to live out of your comfort zone or partake in an activity or something new in your life. Those “what if” thoughts haunt you which is wrong because you end up being a prisoner in your own body.

Nonetheless, my solitude is my happiness place but I believe that at some point in life you need at least one person to share your thoughts with. Offloading and getting insight on how to deal with life’s hurdles from a loved one is so essential in life because I believe that we can all learn from each other’s experiences and impart wisdom worth a lifetime.

It took turning 20 to realize that in life, one cannot do anything or achieve without dealing with what affects you on a daily because ultimately nothing in life is ever right until you start feeling good about yourself. Your behaviour changes from what you feel about yourself. I took it upon me to go on a journey of self-love and self-discovery. Learning more about my interests, what makes me happy and my purpose in life. I was tired of living with my inner critic and the negative voice in the background because criticism hurts.

The pro about me is that I’ve always been a positive thinker all my life, I just struggle with confidence and self-belief. But I always embrace every hurdle in my life and focus on the good. I had to be honest with myself, locate the root of it all. In terms of where everything went wrong in my life, get over my past mistakes and failure. Reassure myself that I should learn from every experience, I only grow wiser and stronger and that I should embrace each opportunity that comes my life. Learning to trust in God and knowing who I am. That I am enough, worthy of it all.


I urge every young girl facing self-belief issues to just take some time out, reflect, learn how to not let their feelings be their GOD and bow down to them. Use every criticism and direct it into positive energy for inspiration.

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  1. bebeautifulphotography

    A good read indeed. It’s amazing how you’ve grown. The way you are… I am not surprised. You been like that ever since we were young…
    Continue to walk with pride and inspire everyone that’s around you. There’s someone out there who’s watching your moves and they are learning a thing or two!

    Liked by 1 person

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