She goes by the name LufunoLove let’s pick her brain and gain some knowledge.


TCP-TheCreativePattern  LL-LufunoLove

TCP: For someone who’s not clued up on who Lufuno Love is please light up the candle?

LL: I’m a venda girl, Born and raised in Soweto. Raised by an extremely stylish mother, it rubbed off on me. I studied a Bcom in Marketing, graduated, worked in corporate, got bored and Jumped ship now here I am doing what I love. I’m currently the head stylist for V-Entertainment/ V-Prime and TurnUp on Channel O. I also style for magazine shoots, commercial shoots and music videos and anything or anyone that requires a Wardrobe makeover or assistance.

TCP: How and why did you becoming a stylist come to life?

LL: I’ve always been obsessed with clothes, to the point of becoming a shopaholic (borderline), My mom didn’t like my wastefulness so she basically told me to stop wasting money on clothes or make this love for clothes work for me. I started by styling myself and Blogging my looks on Lookbook ( with photographs taken by my friend Jeff Rikhotso. Jeff and a Colleague, Mesia started a photography studio and I was tasked with styling the shoots. That was my first gig. From then on I volunteered to assist experienced stylists like Zandi Tisani and Lethabo”Boogy” Maboi on their shoots. I learnt a lot from them and then I Jumped onto whatever gigs I got from anyone. I kind of became a volunteer stylist to gain people’s trust until I could hold my own.

 TCP: How long have you been in the industry, what have you gained, challenges & stereotype theories you’ve come across?

LL:It’s been a full 4 years now. I have gained time, the freedom to do what I want to do when I want to do it. Independence from my parents. I’ve gained confidence in Myself and I’ve learnt that trusting God to guide my journey is the best thing I could have ever done for myself. The challenge is splitting myself to be able to do a few shoots at once, styling is a time consuming exercise and I honestly wish I made enough money to be able to afford someone to assist me.

A lot of people see the glamour and think it’s easy. NO, it is a job that requires imagination, mental application, skill and passion and the humility to be okay with being behind the scenes and sometimes having the stars take credit for your skills.

TCP: Please walk us through a day in the life of LufunoLove?

 LL: – I wake up at 5:15am to go exercise outdoors with my crew in the CBD

– I’m back at the flat at 6:30am and do some strength training until 7:30am

– I drink hot water with Lemon while going through my emails and emailing sponsors and other admin while sipping on my water from 7:30am to 8am

– I take a shower/Bath at 8:30am

– Make breakfast and eat while watching an episode of a series. (I’m mapping my sourcing routes at this time and deciding what to wear)

– I get dressed and head out into the big bad world. I source from Sandton, Braamfontein and even stores in Soweto

– Catch up with friends/have lunch around 14:30pm and then head out to Randburg (Vuzu studios) from 15:00pm to 15:30 pm. I steam the presenters’ clothes and hang them to prep for showtime.

-Once they are dressed, I go into studio with them at 17:55 to make sure the outfit looks great on screen and then we rock and roll.

-I pack up and leave studio just after 18:45 pm.

-I get home around 19:30pm tired like crazy, I like to relax so I either fix myself a meal or I have ice cream and a glass of wine while watching series or reading.

This is a little different on days when I have magazine/TVC shoots.

TCP:  People you have worked with and people you aspire to work with?

  LL: I actually hardly ever take the time to take it all in. I have worked with all the Vuzu presenters. Kabelo Mabalane, Vanessa Mdee (as assistant to Boogy), Khanya Mkhangisa, Latoya Makhene, Bokang Montjane and a few others I forget *covers face*.

I aspire to work on a movie, that’s my current goal, I’m not so much worried about people but more about projects. I one day wan’t to work on a vogue editorial. I want to work with major international brands, I want to work with the stylists I look up to like Shiona Turini and June Ambrose.

TCP:  3 people that inspire you and your work?

LL: I’m inspired by the people that mentored me, the people that believed in me and continue to support me, Boogy is like a sister. I know I can count on her whenever I need her. Felipe Mazibuko has been a mentor a friend and the first person to call me out when I mess up. Tebogo Mogola, one of the producers of the shows I work on has always believed in my abilities and so has the crew at Velocity Afrika. They have pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. That’s big for me. I’m inspired by anyone who dares to live their dream.

TCP: A bible verse you keep close to your heart?

LL:  Matthew 6:25-33

 TCP: What does 2016 have in store for you?  

 LL: I’ve asked God for a movie, I believe he’ll deliver, more magazine work, more editorials. Some modeling, a clothing line maybe? a lot of expression and some traveling… I’m turn 30 so I’m excited and just trusting God and the journey…

  TCP: Last Words?

LL: Trust God in all you do, Believe in yourself and dare to conquer your fears. Follow your bliss and remember, the worst that could happen is NO.


We from TheCreativePattern would like to thank you Miss Sathekge for taking time to share with us your life on being a stylist, your hopes, dreams and aspirations. May the good Lord bless you and your future endeavors.

Be inspired and link up with LufunoLove through the following:

Twitter: @LufunoLove

Instagram: @Lufunolove and  @_Msbrownstyling



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