Audrey Anderson is a visual artist who obtained a BA In Fine Arts majoring in Visual Communication and Fine Arts at the University of Pretoria in 2003.

Audrey Anderson 6.jpg

“I started my arts education at Pro Arte Alpen Park from where I matriculated. I left home at the end of my matric year because I did not want to study what my father told me to study (accounting, pharmacy ect). I started working basic jobs, selling paintings to save up to study fine arts. Fortunately my grandfather, mom, and aunty sponsored my studies after one year of struggles. I graduated at The University of Pretoria with a BA fine arts (honors) degree, specializing in narrative drawing”.

Audrey’s current studio is located at New ARC Studios, Newtown Johannesburg.Audrey Anderson’s work deals with a narrative of interpreting the everyday life of people and her surroundings.These episodes in our lives are usually not remembered or are simply automated,these events shapes up one’s life and identity. By complicating the simple acts that are part of our daily lives, Audrey strongly emphasizes on the South African culture and identity.

Anderson’s work is placed on a scale between control and accident,crossing over to our everyday unnoticed and noticed events.

She worked as a junior art director in Dubai on the Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah Project returned to South Africa to start developing her career in the arts. Anderson has exhibited locally and internationally, including project-solo shows at Gordart (Johannesburg – 2008) and Brundyn + Gonsalves (Cape Town – 2009-2010). In 2011 she took part in my first international art fair at the Amsterdam Affordable Art Fair.

Audrey’s work is divided into a three-way dialogue that is the view, the artwork and the understanding allowing the viewer into her creative and inspirational space.She explores interpersonal and emotional relationships and mixes different techniques to represent multiple narratives in a single work.

“I sometimes use consumables (wine and coffee) on paper to create these ‘accidents’, using a technique requiring a balance between the mediums, nature and my control. In doing so, the coffee and wine works reflect the balance between what you can control in life and what you can’t.My visual interest lies in comic book and graffiti art. Reason being that comics and graffiti are based in the emotional use of line as well as provoking visual interpretation by what is not drawn”.




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