The journey of the existence of Design Milk from founder and executive editor Jaime Derringer.

Design Milk Logo

TCP- The Creative Pattern DM-Design Milk

TCP: Please share some light on who Jaime Derringer is?                                              

DM: Hmmmm…. Jaime Derringer is a business woman/entrepreneur, artist/creative, wife, mom, lover of cheese, uncoordinated dancer, and a very slow runner. Deep deep down inside, I am a total goofball.

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TCP: Why the name DESIGN MILK?                   

DM; Well, it kind of started out as a personal joke but quickly it became clear to me that “D” (as in vitamin D) is for “design.” So, therefore, Design Milk is your daily dose of vitamin D (design). While it’s a little bit of a silly name, it makes sense!

TCP: What is Design Milk all about when did the concept come along?                                    

DM: Design Milk is a modern digital design magazine that focuses on the freshest, newest and most innovative modern design from around the world. We cover everything from architecture to art to technology and home decor. I started it back in 2006 with the simple idea of creating a place where I could catalog all the cool stuff I was finding online. I soon discovered that other people had the same interests and aesthetic as me, and it kind of took off!

design 7.jpg

TCP: Consistency is a hard element to keep at, How have you managed to sustain consistency from start till present?                                       

 DM: I’m a workaholic. Once I am passionate about something, I put in 110%… I’ve discovered that sometimes my interests wax and wane, but with Design Milk, it’s been 110% for almost 10 years now! I’m pretty dedicated.

TCP: What challenges has Design Milk faced on its way to success?                                                  

DM: Oh lots of challenges! From website problems to algorithm changes to growing pains, but I think all startups experience many difficult hurdles. The ones that are able to overcome those hurdles and keep pressing on are the ones who will achieve the most success. 

TCP: From a viewers perspective what does Design Milk strive at fulfilling?                          

DM: I think we are able to appeal to many people in an inspirational and aspirational way. Most of our readers are designers in some industry whether it be architecture or industrial design or web design, and what we publish everyday keeps them on their creative toes… I suppose!

TCP: Please briefly discuss the importance, role and impact modern design has on our daily lives? 

DM: Design is universal and can be used to do everything from solve problems and enhance our lives to simply making a space prettier. Everything in the built world has been designed by someone or a team of people, and so design is crucial to our everyday living, coming and going, working, everything we do… design is integrated into it.

TCP: How many departments does Design Milk have and do you overlook every aspect?          

DM: It’s a very small freelance team of editors who work closely together, a sponsorship representative, and a contracted web design/programming team. On a daily basis, it’s probably 2-3 people checking in. We look much bigger than we are!

TCP: How do you make sure you up to speed with the latest design trends?                                      

DM: It’s a constant treadmill of things coming and going, but we attend design trade shows all over the world and that’s where we spot new and emerging trends.



TCP: Future plans for Design Milk?                

DM:I’m launching a podcast with my friend, designer Amy Devers. It drops soon so be on the lookout! :).

We from TheCreativePattern would like to thank you Jaime Derringer for sharing the journey to success of Design Milk may the Lord bless you and your future endeavors,

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