Lisolomzi Pikoli best known as Mr Fuzzy Slipperz is a selective creative, an independent illustrator and artist from South Africa currently residing in Johannesburg.

Mr Fuzzy Slipperz Image.jpg

Mr Fuzzy Slipperz is a visual art representation of his thoughts, ideas, imagination, anxieties and dreams. He infuses traditional African figures with street art style to produce a fascinating unique hybrids.

He exhibits a lot of growth through the connection of the inner growth of the character on his work. Lisolomzi is also an MC/rapper that goes by the name Voicetag.Fuzzy finds inspiration from his surroundings,through imagining scenarios or playing out real ones. He has a strong interest in general social political landscape and the human condition.

Pikoli’s artwork is an exploration of ideas and the depth of his dream state and outer body experiences through the theme “Fantastical Realism”. His main characters/antagonist is usually takes the center stage in his artwork and are guided by free forms, lines, shape, mark making and pattern work which contributes to the prevailing story and theme behind his work.Mr Fuzzy Slipperz’s work embodies emotions and a reflection of his growth as a visual artist.


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