Aaron Yeboah Jr. is an American based Ghanaian artist currently based in the U.S Baton Rouge Louisiana, publisher and all round creative human being with a strong desire for creativity & Africa.

Aaron Yeboah Jr. Image.png

He has worked and collaborated on really unique projects, founder and creative director of African Lens a digital and print publication featuring and celebrating African photographers both in the motherland and the diaspora.

African Lens is a project that brings a positive light on Africa, providing a representation of Africa through the powerful medium of photography.

2dots space is an agency that strives at delivering innovative cross-platform solutions to communication and visual design.

Aaron Yeboah Jr. 2Dots Space image.PNG

“I have always been captivated by the visual and audio artistry found within all various respective fields of art and creativity. They were an eye opening escape for me. My interests in creative expression grew and evolved into 2dots, a visual platform that represents my love and appreciation for art and creativity. I consider myself a student of not just life but also creativity.”


Aaron’s publication-African Lens, aims at creating a staple for African photographers (mostly young photographers) to tell and express their stories, to shine a light on the beauty, rich and diverse culture of Africans and create a community forum for communication and creative expression.


With Yeboah Jr. moving back to Ghana he aims at documenting, traveling & connecting with passionate and talented creative’s. Create a platform for young and gifted likeminded people to produce inspiring and evolutionary projects.Aaron’s artistry is about substance and volume.

Aaron Yeboah Jr. 11.jpg




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