Lerato Kgamanyane is a 3rd year Transport Economics student at the University of Johannesburg.


Personally, she is known for her interest and undying passion which lies in fashion and the beauty of women. Lerato has been associated with a few local fashion brands, amongst the few being TopShop and working as a stylist for Urban Degree. And both these brands opened a grooming door for her knowledge and enthusiasm for fashion. Her end goal is to build a a prominent fashion house called Hellen Rose (named after her mother and grandmother) from the ground up with its significance lying in the fact that it’ll cater primarily to women, for them to have an empowering fashion platform that they can look to, to guide them in the field. Her style speaks: effective minimalism.

2.What do you do for a living?                              

Slay all day

3.What does being creative mean to you & how have you managed to stay true to yourself in the process?                                                                     

Being a creative to me means being okay with going the routes that everyone chooses not to, and expressing myself through clothing and the way in which I style myself. It’s being okay with getting it wrong before I get it right and embracing myself. I’ve managed to stay true to myself in a way that many others don’t because no one is as hard on me like I am on myself. And I do everything with my heart, no one has the same heart.


4.Please name local&international people you would love to collaborate with & why?

Local: Siya Beyile, TeeTee Nteta and Lulama Wolf

International: Margaret Zhang (if dreams came true) and Alaeli May.

5.Your thoughts on the fashion industry in South Africa?                                         

It’s a very tough industry to be in It’s not the friendliest and not the easiest to generate an income from. We have powerful and mind shifting ideas, but we’re not recognized. Our friends want creative services for free, there’s no growth for a fashion creative in that way.BUT for some odd reason the heart of fashion is pumping thick blood this year. We’re breaking barriers in South Africa and getting what’s ours.


6.Influencers that inspire you?                              

Lulama Wolf, Margaret Zhang, Olivia Palermo, Siya Beyile, TeeTee Nteta, Alaeli May.

7.What does being a Maverick mean to you?

It describes one who is a non-conformist, free spirited and independent in their own thinking


8.South African creatives we should look out for?                                                                           Lulama Wolf, Siya Beyile, Myself and the Mqoco sisters.                                                        9.What do you have in store for us in 2016?

Hmm nothing ever goes as planned, but honestly look out for Hellen Rose and the projects coming up with that. I want to commit to being a stylist this year, we’ll see.

5 Facts About You.                                                              

1.What sets you apart from the rest?                           

Hmm.. I make what’s conventionally unacceptable work

2.Fashion Week Or Street Style?                            

Street Style, Fashion week is a time for even the fashion-less to be posers. (Speaking from a personal experience)

3.A word you overuse?                                         

phrase rather, “not even”.

image2 (1).JPG

4.Favorite lunch spot?                                            

my favorite lunch spot currently, is The Big Mouth in Sandton                                                    5.Best scent for a man?

Man In Black by Bvlgari.

This is Lerato Kgamanyane you can interact with her through the following:

Twitter :@Rato_K

Instagram :lerato_kgamanyane.



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