Alessio La Ruffa is a self-taught photographer,visual content creator,instagrammer and also runs a social media marketing business(company called VisualEyes

Alessio La Ruffa Image.jpg

specializing in storytelling through visual and social media),born&raised in Pretoria&currently resides in Johannesburg.

Popularly known for promoting&encouraging the Instagram scene in Pretoria,painting&linking the beauty of Pretoria to the digital sphere. Alessio is a household name under the young South African creatives&owes his success to the app Instagram, “Instagram is a means of expression for me. It’s the only creative thing that I do that turns out the way I want it to. The community also plays a massive role. I’ve met some of the coolest people I know through the app”. Never thought it was possible?go through Alessio’s social feeds to see the visual proof.

With the art of being social media savvy,La Ruffa also creates content for brands,uniting the target market with modern trends&conceptualizing in versatile ways.He strongly believes to survive in this consuming industry 3 things need to be applied in your work&within you: Persistence, creativity and productivity,those three elements design an appealing aesthetic for his bold quirky eye for all things creative.


He draws a lot of inspiration from the things that we tend to miss on an every day basis,his an artist that’s rarely influenced by trends or popular subjects but finds a special feel&mood of a person,place&object.


No surface is left unseen with Alessio La Ruffa.

See&love the magic through the following:

Twitter&Instagram: @alessiolr.





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