Young&motivated entrepreneur; Cyril Zuma who believes “Progress Is The New Drug’ speaks to us about his company,entrepenuership&more.

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2.A summary on what you do for a living?

I am a Digital wizard by training, an entrepreneur by birth. I apply my trained traits at a digital agency as a Client Executive during the day, I also run Dot Com Group as an entrepreneur.

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3.Please give us a detailed background on the Dot Com Group?                                                     Dot Com Group started out as Dot Com Models in 2010, while on holiday in Durban I was in a mall looking at beautiful ladies passing by, walking like models on a runway with such ease. I then decided to test if these ladies wanted to be models; I got a pen and paper from a restaurant and walked around asking for names, surnames, emails and telephone numbers. I managed to fill both sides of the paper and that was when the dream was born.

I couldn’t sleep for a few days; I was excited to get back to Johannesburg and get to work. A few days later I arrived and started contacting the ladies. To my surprise I had over 45 ladies who responded. Needless to say Dot Com Models became a house hold name on the ramps, night clubs and promotions industry.

Fast forward to 2014, we expanded into the photography industry, our services range from event, lifestyle, portrait and commercial photography.We have also collaborated with a fashion designer from Durban to bring consumers fashion tips, trends and the who’s wearing what at what event.

4.Your Aim,Vision&Mission Statement?             

Aim: To be the go to Media Agency in Africa.

Vision: We believe in a connected world.

Mission Statement: At Dot Com Group we believe every brand has a story to tell, a story that will engage, inform, surprise, delight, and impact an audience; we are the vehicle that connects the brand and the audience.


5.Behind Dotcom Group is Cyril Zuma,please thoroughly explain what that entails?

Cyril Zuma is a brand of its own, separating the two is something I consistently work on especially when people who know what I do call me Mr Dot Com. Most of my attention is dedicated to Dot Com Group on a daily basis.That means hardly any time to not be progressing; there is a long way to go. I handle all the business aspects you would expect a start up to have.

6.Which challenges have you faced on your journey?                                                                

I wouldn’t call them challenges; I really regard them as mandatory steps to connect brands and the audience. A ‘no’ is part of the process; a crowd of people telling you things won’t work out is exactly what I thrive on. Coming from the background I come from, my biggest “challenge” was getting over the idea that success was only reserved for a select few.


7.What’s your take on entrepreneurship in Africa&means of taking it to greater heights?         

It excites me and brings me to tears seeing people go after their dreams; there is a huge boom of entrepreneurs in Africa. One point I would like to raise is that as entrepreneurs we need to start collaborating. We need to get over this ‘I want to be the first’ thing, two minds are always better than one. Through platforms like Collab Sessions, collaboration is made possible.

  1. Entrepreneurs that motive you&your business?

Inspiration comes from different people from different industries and that is one of the lovely thing about being an entrepreneur. I look up to people like Nkululeko Manqele, Gareth Barclay, Siya Beyile, Tara Turkington, Gil Ovid, I could go on and on.

9.Young entrepreneurs that are making waves&we need to look out for?                           

Cyril Zuma haha.

10.How has the support of your family strengthen you through all your trials&tribulations?

I lean to my family for all the support I need, I come from a family of prayer and a family that prays together stays together. We pray about everything and work hard to help each other on the quest to success.There have been times where no one understood what I was doing and why I invested so much time and energy into Dot Com Group. Because of my passion and never say die attitude, they now support me and understand my every dream.

11.In 2016 will the Dotcom Group be breaking any boundaries&setting a higher bar in its craft?

Collaboration is the key to success.

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Stay tuned to to find out more.

  1. Any collaborations this year?

Style By Koo, CSquared just to name a few, Dot Com Group plans to expand and collaborate with various brands who are breaking the barrier.

To interact with Cyril Zuma do so on the following:

Twitter:@CyrilZuma / @dotcomgroupsa.

Facebook: Dot Com Group.

Instagram: Dot Com Group.



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