Margot Hattingh is a self taught contemporary artist from South Africa whose work contains wax encaustic, mixed media, photography, printmaking or sculptures that can be read as metaphorical narratives.

Margot Hattingh 1


She developed a passion for drawing and painting at a young age she has also had training, but she mostly self-taught.Margot’s artworks may seem to range from highly realistic/figurative to abstract, but beneaththat, they are all concerned with recording her explorations of an ever changing perception of reality –physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and of course mythical.Profoundly rooted in Africa but with an inevitable overlay of European culture and history Hattingh strives todevelop a new reality where the two supposedly opposing cultures come together in a synthesis greater and more beautiful than the sum of its parts.

“I paint people and places, but return time and time again to what I call “Beasts” obsessed/possessed by certain animals and themes.  I try to not only capture some physical likeness, some sense of ‘Presence’.

but also to materialise the essentially invisible essence of the particular subject” says Margot.She works on paper,masonite,wood,canvas or perspex,pastels, both oil and chalk, watercolour, acrylic, oils,resin and wax encaustic.

“Margot was one of the invited printmakers, representing South Africa,at an international printmaking exhibition in 2007, the theme being “Strangers”.

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