As we wrap up 2015 I would love to send out a big thank you to all of the creative’s I’ve featured on TheCreativePattern’s Blog. The content of the blog has found its feet & has been fed with rich information of your depth, insight &life in the arts.

The Creative Pattern 4

Your creativity is undoubtedly a unique gift from innovative beings whose styling, online content and inimitable events move me. Thank you for allowing & welcoming my curiosity into your creative space & process, the narrative world of your work tells a story & unfolds the artist in you. The aesthetic & medium has given your work a mood & feel that’s not just captivating but intriguing to see more. I admire the hunger you all have & still have to push your craft in the media industry.

You have shown me through your work the amount of dedication, motivation, inspiration & determination you have to stay true to yourself & your God given talents. Through each work I’ve come across a wide-ranging curiosity about contemporary culture, emphasis on the history of the arts and current transformations. Mastering the intellectual link between leadership and creativity, learning how to create compelling narratives about images, objects and spaces & developing your personal vision. Not forgetting the warm love & continuous support from my followers & viewers your support is appreciated.

Let’s make 2016 expand in the creative realm & discover more unknown artists.

Wishing you & your families a happy festive season may the Lord carry you to 2016&may it be fruitful & prosperous one.

Happy holidays.

With Love Sibongile Jafta.

(Founder & Blogger of TheCreativePattern’s Blog)



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