TheCreativePattern’s MAVERICK OF THE WEEK IS BRIAN NKOSI @BrianOHazeInc.


My name is Brian Nkosi- I’m 23 years old, a lot of people know me as O’Haze, La Peace, Hazer or just Brian. I was born in a township in Durban, South Africa called Kwa Mashu.

Brian Nkosi 8

; I lived there for the first 7 years of my life before my parents relocated to Johannesburg. Once I got to Johannesburg I heard my first hip hop song; it was ‘Paper, Paper’ by Bone Thugs N Harmony and they’ve been my favorite rap group and source of inspiration ever since. .

As the years went by I became really influenced by Dr. Dre; Eminem’s  Slim Shady EP, Marshall Mathers LP and Dr. Dre’s Chronic 2001 became my sonic bible, and I just chased any and everything Dr. Dre produced from there on. As I was listening to this music I realized I really needed to become a Producer and an Engineer- just like Dr. Dre was and when I got to the 10th grade; I picked up my first software and I’ve been producing records ever since. Right after the 10th grade, my parents moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I found myself in an isolated environment where I didn’t know anybody or understand the languages spoken and so that gave me plenty time to not only fine tune my grades, but produce records.

Brian Nkosi 1

After I graduated from High School, I moved back to Johannesburg, South Africa and enrolled at a film school- with about 3 years of instrumentals under my belt- I met my good friend and business partner Mzonke ‘Chuck’ Maloney and we conspired to make music at the best ability we could; bear in mind I studied Sound Design/Engineering at the film school as well so it was a perfect blend of creative execution and applied learning. 

 Maloney and I decided to move to Los Angeles, California right after I graduated from film school and I’ve been living in LA ever since; it’s been close to 4 years since we moved.  

2.What do you do for a living?                             

I do many things for a living (pause) but my primary hustle is Producing/Engineering & Sound Designing films, commercials, etc.

3.What perspective has Art brought into your life?                                                                        

Living in Malaysia meant that I was spending hours on my own making records and I really started to fine tune my perspective on life. Certain things just weren’t as important as making music and so I started looking at life from a very finite perspective; making as much good music as I can became my only objective and so that’s where being an artist became a way of life for me- it transcended from being a hobby to being my way of life.

I remember installing FL Studio onto my iPod and every day I arrived to school, I plugged in and got to work- one day I went to only TWO classes; the rest of the day was spent at a computer making music; I still graduated with a few distinctions though but the 11th and 12th grade were the years of fine tuning my lens of perspective as an artist- I painted too (see, the dedication? haha)

Brian&Mzonke 5   Brian&Mzonke 4

4.What core lesson have you learned as an engineer? 

Mix, Mix, Mix! A song can never be mixed enough, you can always edit the vocals a little cleaner; better balance your frequencies, get a better soundscape- you know there’s always more work to be done. Having spent thousands of hours behind a computer screen at various recording studios and at home I’ve learnt that an engineer is really there to MAKE SURE the song, album or movie SOUNDS THE WAY IT’S SUPPOSED TO. No excuses.

5.Engineers you look up too?                                 

Besides Dre, the main guy that I study in depth is E. Dan (Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $. Juicy J, etc have all spawned from E. Dan’s sonic genius). He once tweeted me and told me he thought Chuck Maloney’s album was dope and so as an Engineer on that album I really felt like… alright I must be going in the right direction. E.Dan for sure; that’s my role model.

6.What does being a Maverick mean to you?                                                        

A maverick in my opinion is just somebody who’s does his own thing- a leader, somebody brilliant at what they do, you know… a maverick.

7.A Quote you live by? 

KODE. Live by it. Like NIKE ‘Just Do It’ you know; KODE ‘Live By It’

Brian Nkosi 2  Brian Nkosi 3

  1. What to expect from you in the future?

Expect A LOT more music. We just debuted Chuck Maloney’s Finding A.B.E album on 10th June 2015 and that was a great and successful experience so we’re working on some new, unheard of music. I’m also currently writing a Pilot for a Television Series set in Cape Town, South Africa and so I’m trying to get that chiseled the correct way. Maybe a couple short films here and there.

 5 Facts About You.                                         

1.Film or Television?                                             

That’s a tough one; I’d probably have to say both.

2.Your current obsession?                                    

Making beats.

Brian Nkosi 6

3.Greatest all time legend?                                    

I’d probably have to say Dr. Michio Kaku; he’s like a modern crusader for theoretical physics- if Isaac Newtown were to be reincarnated I’m pretty sure he’d come back as Michio Kaku.

4.Two words to describe your work&yourself?

Fulfillment and Integrity

Brian Nkosi 7

5.Most exciting moment?                                      

Ah man there’s been so many but my MOST exciting moment would probably be the time I was shooting some interview stuff and ran into Chevy Woods backstage at Revolt TV and we chopped it up for a couple minutes. I also met Mick Jenkins, Wiz Khalifa and Puff Daddy the SAME day so yeah that was definitely an exciting moment for me.

This is Brian OHaze Nkosi,You can keep in touch with him through the following:

Twitter: BrianOHazeInc

Instagram: Brianohaze4_20

Facebook: Brian O’Haze Nkosi


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