Mpho Mokgadi is a South African photographer who captures simple moments. Mokgadi is currently based in Pretoria.

Mpho Mokgadi 3 Mpho Mokgadi 2 Mpho Mokgadi 1

“Through my photography I seek to document my own personal experience, to capture scenes and events as I see them and share with others the beauty and diversity of the experiences I have seen.”             

Mpho Mokgadi 8 Mpho Mokgadi 7 Mpho Mokgadi 6 Mpho Mokgadi 5 Mpho Mokgadi 4

Distinct photographer

Mpho Mokgadi 15 Mpho Mokgadi 14 Mpho Mokgadi 13 Mpho Mokgadi 12 Mpho Mokgadi 11

Be inspired&Interact with Mpho Mokgadi through the following:




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