Nicholas Nabil Tebogo Rawhani is a filmmaker, photographer,Videographer,Electrical engineering student&poet.

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“I have a non-conscious style of photography. I often try to capture images from my own perspective.”.

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“I love to capture people. Henri Cartier-Bresson, a photographer that has influenced me, once spoke of the decisive moment. For me it is about capturing a moment which tells an entire story”. “Henri Cartier-Bresson has had a great influence on me. In terms of portraiture, Richard Avedon is someone I look up to. I also love Annie Leibovitz. Her group photos are amazing.”.

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“For Artists, art is a form of release. It’s satisfying to express yourself, but for the observer art can be so much more. The Bahaí Writings say that the arts are like a “ladder to the soul”, I think that art allows us to escape our own paradigm and feel what somebody else has felt or see something through their eyes and that’s a really special thing to be able to do…we only really get that in dreams and in love”.

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