Selwyn Pekeur was born on 23rd November 1957,matriculated at Paulus Joubert Senior Secondary Paarl in 1978 &obtained a Primary Teacher’s Diploma majoring in Art at Dower training College, Port Elizabeth in 1980.

Selwyn Pekeur 1   Selwyn Pekeur 2

Selwyn has worked with artists such as Amos Langdown and Peter Clarke he explores humour as a force to bridge the cultural rather than redefine the fault lines that have separated the Cape communities in the past.Selwyn’s work involves experimenting with different materials, media and techniques he has worked as a sculptor and print maker, and paints in oil and acrylic bringing versatile&growth to his work.Selwyn is that artist that observes incidents in everyday life and represents them to us in a style of compelling vigour and humour in his art.

Selwyn Pekeur 6 Selwyn Pekeur 5 Selwyn Pekeur 4 Selwyn Pekeur 3

“I have a strong personal affinity with humour, and consequently I find that my work as an artist is being progressively influenced by the satirical humour which cartoonists employ in their work. I strive to achieve the same response with my paintings which cartoonists elicit with their uniquely amusing view of events.”.said Selwyn

Selwyn Pekeur 5 Selwyn Pekeur 14 Selwyn Pekeur 13 Selwyn Pekeur 12 Selwyn Pekeur 11

His paintings showcase a unique personal affinity with the African wood carving tradition.The viewer is reminded of the harsh and critical realities facing our broader society.

Selwyn Pekeur 9 Selwyn Pekeur 8


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