My name is Thando Zikhali and I’m a 25 year old who lives in Bellair, Durban.

2.What do you do for a living?
I am currently studying a Bachelor in Consumer Science (Fashion Retail Management). I own a vintage clothing Brand called CONFETTI , I am a stylist at a swimwear boutique and lastly an events co-ordinater I basically have my plate full lol.

thando Zikhali 1
3.What makes Durban special to you?
It’s unrecognised potential Durban has so much more to offer than the beach and the “Durban July”. I have discovered that Durban is actually best place to be right now, hence why more and more people are investing in this gem of a place.
4.If you had to be in an Ad Campaign,which fashion magazine would you like it to be part of&which fashion icon would be along your side&why?
If Vogue had an Ad Campaign, I would choose to be a part of it alongside Anna Wintour. She is the epitome of what I want to become here in SA.
5.Which young South African you feel their fashion sense is impeccable?

That’s a hard one, but I’m currently a big fan of Laduma Ngxokolo founder of MaXhosa Knitwear.He has done very well for himself, I love his Xhosa inspired knitwear,it has got the international recognition it deserves, such phenomenal pieces.

Thando Zikhali 2  Thando Zikhali 3
6.Which role would you like to play in the fashion industry?
I want to build a world class textile industry no matter how long it takes me. I feel SA’s textile industry has somewhat collapsed and does not match up with the world. We need to ask ourselves and find solutions as to why the best fabrics come from other countries , and we can’t create quality fabrics of our own instead of always importing. I want to travel and find out what skills,equipment and knowledge we lack in order to improve this so we can match up with the rest of the world.
7.What does being a maverick mean to you?
Being a maverick to me means to understand that the world isn’t kind to mavericks, and that if one wants to live a unconventional life , one needs to learn to hide in plain sight.
8.A quote you live by?

” They change with the seasons of my life”. But a consistent one is “needing nothing , attracts everything” .
9.What to expect from you in the near future?
The growth of my clothing brand “CONFETTI” .You will become very familiar with it . Also working on creating more versatile social settings for Durban .

Thando Zikhali 4  Thando Zikhali 5
5 Facts About You.
1.What intrigues you in a person?
What intrigues me in a person is the things they are passionate about, the things that make them stay up at night.
2.New York Fashion Week or Paris Fashion Week?

Neither, I prefer London Fashion Week . :).
3.Ideal gift to make Noluthando happy?
It doesn’t take much to make me happy, a gift period is already enough , even if it was a rock you picked up outside . I’m just happy you thought of me lol.

Thando Zikhali 6   Thando Zikhali 7
4.Best way to unwind?
A glass of Red Wine and conversations about the universe .

5.A phrase you use the most?
“Like..I mean..”
This is Thando Zikhali you can interact with her through the following:

CONFETTI Instagram handle: @confetti_official.

5.A phrase you use the most?
“Like..I mean..”
This is Thando Zikhali you can interact with her through the following:

CONFETTI Instagram handle: @confetti_official


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