Hettie Saaiman was born in the Free State, South Africa.She studied Art and Graphic Design at the Pretoria Technikon Art School.

Hettie full image

She also attended at the ML Sultan College in Durban, where she obtained a Higher Diploma in Art and Design, specializing in illustration she then became an Art Lecturer at ML Sultan in the subjects of figure drawing, textile design, illustration and general painting.

Hettie Saaiman 2 Hettie Saaiman 1

Whilst being a traveler&working at creative stationery as a designer, she was sent to England for more training. After a couple of years, she decided to exhibit her work internationally. She showcased her work at NEC in Birmingham, England, at the World Trade Show.

Hettie Saaiman 14 Hettie Saaiman 13 Hettie Saaiman 12

George Madina of Intercontinental Greetings, New York, discovered Hettie’s work and immediately became her agent. George copyrighted and sold Hettie’s work all over the world. She exhibited in Holland, Dubai, Singapore, Atlanta and France.
She took a decision to do some painting in Hawaii and painted there for seven years. By the time she left, she was the second-biggest selling artist in Hawaii.

Hettie Saaiman 11 Hettie Saaiman 10 Hettie Saaiman 9 Hettie Saaiman 8

As time&years went by her work has changed from acrylic ink on watercolour paper only to big acrylic-on-canvas paintings, painted with a pallette knife.

Hettie Saaiman 4 Hettie Saaiman 3



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