My name is Duduzile Buyiswa Pearl-Jean Jennifer Zulu and I am an LLB student soon to be graduate.

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2.What do you do for a living?
I work full time in what one might call behind the scenes of the event ticketing industry, I am also a doting mother to a beautiful 3year old little girl.
3.Please tell me more about your style?
I would describe my style as sophisticated and classy, you see I consider myself a lady, a girly girl in every aspect imaginable. A lot of what I like I get from my mother whom I have admired from a very young age and still do. Some say I play it safe but I’d like to think simplicity is key.

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Jennn Zulu    

4.Who are those young stylish South Africans you feel people don’t pay attention to? Unfortunately I’m not particularly always on the scene but there are quite a few young stylish South Africans who tickle me, baring in mind that style cannot be taught. You’ve done a blog post on a few that I like :).
5.In 4 words please give me an overall of South African Fashion Week collections?

I appreciate fashion in SA and the difficulties it has faced in its journey. I may not always agree with what’s on the runway in a conventional sense seeing as I don’t consider myself to be a fashionista but I quite enjoy the fresh, innovative designs that our South African designers have and are continuing to come up with.
So in 4 words, vibrant , limitless, edgy, consistent.

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6.What makes you a maverick?
What makes me a maverick is my ability to not be swayed or to conform to the trends, as much as trying new things from time to time is good I always revert back to the basics, for me that being class, this must be maintained at all times. Also everything ain’t for everybody.

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7.A quote you live by?
“Never touch anything with half of your heart”
5 Facts About You.
1. Givenchy or Chanel?
Definitely Chanel
2.All time favorite movie?
Hmmm… I struggle with a choosing a fav but some of the best movies I’ve seen have been based off of a book and I’ve made it a point to read it first.

3.Ice skating or bungee jumping?
Ice skating! because there’s an elegance to it, not to mention you get to work out and it’s fun

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4. Favorite bible verse?
“Be still and know that I am God”
5. Favorite Art gallery?
I feel I haven’t been to that many art gallery’s to answer this particular question, but I will say that I am very much a fan of Nelson Makamo’s work, I will not rest till I own one of his pieces.

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This is Jennifer Zulu,do keep in touch with her through the following:



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