Lakin Ogunbanwo is a Nigerian born and based photographer who begun practicing his photography skills while studying at a Law school in the UK.

lakin portrait  Lakin-Ogunbanwo-Muse-Photo-Exhibition-BellaNaija-December2013038

. He then later on travelled to Paris to attend professional studies at the Spéos Photography Institute where he got the opportunity to develop & grow as a photographer. His work has a diverse feature of bold and provocative portraits, fashion,with bright colours and Lagos cityscapes, showing the beauty of Lagos through his lenses.

Lakin Ogunbanwo 11  Lakin Ogunbanwo 16

Lakin Ogunbanwo 15

In 2013 Mr Ogunbanwo was profiled by CNN as one of “Africa’s Most Exciting New Photographers”.

Lakin Ogunbanwo 3 lakin Ogunbanwo 2 Lakin Ogunbanwo 1

Lakin Ogunbanwo is a versatile artist with a detailed eye for colour and beauty. “I’ve always been interested in form, shapes, silhouettes and body language. While the face can say a lot, I think the body can convey just as much.”Says Mr Ogunbanwo.

Lakin Ogunbanwo 13 Lakin Ogunbanwo 12 Lakin Ogunbanwo 9  Lakin Ogunbanwo 10

“He describes his personal style as very simple, black&white and greys,with the occasional splash of ‘daring’ and draws his photography inspiration from the raw sexuality of Terry Richardson, the dark moods of Steven Klien, and the realness and strong culture sense of Andrew Dosunmu”.

Lakin Ogunbanwo 6 Lakin Ogunbanwo 5

You can find Lakin through the following:



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