“Portraiture, when done right, has magic and sensitivity in it, and is about capturing the essence of a person – not about capturing their best duck face. Portraiture is about getting to know a person.”

Tarryn Hatchett 14  Tarryn Hatchett 17

“I aim to make every subject see and feel their own natural beauty”.

Tarryn Hatchett 20 Tarryn Hatchett 19 Tarryn Hatchett 18

“Imperfections are gorgeous, and should be celebrated, not hidden”.
“I like to think that my style is cinematic, tender and naturalistic. I’m deeply inspired by cinema and using photographs to tell a story or evoke a feeling”.

Tarryn Hatchett 15 Tarryn Hatchett 13 Tarryn Hatchett 11

“I love working with the idea of the freedom that comes with exploration in isolation. The strength, beauty and self-discovery that accompanies those quiet moments is a constant theme in what I shoot”.
“A huge part of my style is also not over sexualizing or simplifying the female form, but rather dealing with the women in my photographs as characters”.

Tarryn Hatchett 10 Tarryn Hatchett 9 Tarryn Hatchett 8

“Visually, I prefer to shoot women with minimal makeup, and keep the image editing process as natural as possible”.
“Portraiture is about connection, and getting to know someone. For me, powerful portraiture is always stripped down and raw. It is about aspiring to sneak a peek into the true essence of someone”.

Tarryn Hatchett 7 Tarryn Hatchett 6 Tarryn Hatchett 1

You can find Tarryn through the following:


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