STYLISH MOMENTS BY THE SARTISTS- Kabelo Kungwane (@Kungwanheay) Wanda Lephoto (@Wanda_pronto)

Kabelo&Wanda 1    Kabelo&Wanda 2

If you’ve never heard of The Sartists,its time you familiarize yourself. The Sartists are a duo, Kabelo Kungwane and Wanda Lephoto. The fashionably stylish duo are inspired by global trends and have crafted a signature look that has resulted in them being the face of numerous brand campaigns.

Kabelo&Wanda 3    Kabelo&Wanda 4

“We love elegant suits but we prefer the old-fashioned cuts rather than the newer versions with shiny materials”.
“Even with the materials and patterns, we’d rather wear tweed and houndstooth, which are more our style.”

Kabelo&Wanda 5 Kabelo&Wanda 6 Kabelo&Wanda 8

Dressed in tailored knee-length shorts, vintage suit jackets, shirts buttoned up and ties clipped, Wanda Lepoto and Kabelo Kungwane wore dress shoes, with panama hats finishing off their dapper ensemble.

Kabelo&Wanda 9 Kabelo&Wanda 10
owning the style narrative and using their voices to navigate through South African identity, and more specifically black South African identity.

Kabelo&Wanda 12 Kabelo&Wanda 13

Keep in touch with The Sartists through the following:


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