Shelley Adams is an artist and spiritual teacher located in Hermanus in the Western Cape, South Africa.Through connecting to spirits Shelley has the ability to empower others in dealing with challenges in their lives, at the same time dedicating herself to creating art that will uplift the viewers. Shelley’s work has been exhibited in various galleries in South Africa as well as in Edinburgh and Surrey, UK. Her artworks are to be found in private collections both nationally and internationally.

Shelley Adams 2 Shelley Adams 1

“Colour has been a constant throughout my life.”

Shelley Adams 5 Shelley Adams 4 Shelley Adams 3

“My art mirrors my connection to the divine. Like layers of an onion, the energy of colour reveals itself on ever-deeper levels, changing and influencing our lives far beyond our expectations and even awareness. I use colour, not only in my own art but in workshops as medium through which others can experience shifts in vibrational experience.”

shelley_adams 9 Shelley Adams 8 shelley_adams 7 shelley_adams 6

“I see each artwork as a journey,reflecting my strong beliefs in philosophy.Nothing is pre-planned, but evolves from the canvas, often undergoing many changes of direction in the process.Colour,light and Divine Guidance continue to be my underlying source.”

Shelley Adams 13 Shelley Adams 10 Shelley Adams 11


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