Artist Tay Dall, is best known for emotionally charged oil paintings on unusual surfaces like old doors and shutters some of her works still contain original handles and sections of stained glass ,her palette includes oils, acrylics, watercolours, pastels, ink, charcoal, and pencil.

Tay Dall image

Tay returned to South Africa in 1995, after living in Los Angeles, California for eleven years, where she studied, worked and exhibited her work in numerous galleries where she molded her art. Tay tied the knot with business partner, Ben Chowney and was blessed with two beautiful children.

Tay Dall 3 Tay Dall 2 Tay Dall 1

Tay’s work has been represented in 34 galleries, over 3 continents and has been placed in numerous private and corporate collections in the United States, Europe and Southern Africa.

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Tay also studied at the Michaelis School of Art, University Of Cape Town ,she picked up a skill of drawing anatomical illustrations for her orthopedic surgeon father Dr. Des Dall. After closely studying hip replacement operations, she would produce detailed work showing minute bones and muscles. She later on enrolled for Critical Studies in Film at the University of Southern California, followed by an Interactive Multimedia course at the American Film Institute.

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“Culture presents us with icons of idealised states of being,”
“I therefore physically alter the surface of everything I paint, allowing my voice to come through.”

Tay Dall 11 Tay Dall 10 Tay Dall 9

“My works express many feelings through line and colour. I hope the resulting visual atmosphere will touch viewers emotionally.”.
“Every surface is unique and this affects the final artwork,”

Tay Dall 13

“I tend to disregard conventional surfaces. Castaway items hold a realm of possibilities beneath my brush and elicit an ironic truth about my sense of natural beauty.”
“The over-riding expression in my paintings is not about the personal, but about essence,” she says. “The essence of abstract form and symbol and my ongoing attempt to find an essential reality.”

Tay Dall 15Tay Dall 12

“I paint to the purest pleasure of creation, for the free flow of subconscious thought, or the need to escape the confines of law and order.”


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