Her suffering didn’t begin at birth

Conception led to a world now forfeited

Continuous, unbearable pain that would be bared for life


Swimmingly stroking through poisonous toxics

Strength and strife reviving the revolutionary that is her

In grief and mourning, a relentless empathic fighter;

The healer and comforter thrived

Through own unconditional support and

Unquestionable spoken silence much was met.

Even the Genesis notifies us,

She was made to lead and educate, love and nurture

She is a bearer of the nation – warriors, man of stature and pride

All that is today good has come through her –

Her devotion, motivation, demonstration of what is moral and good

Mediator, inspirer – instiller of values, truth and human kindness

In dark times she has held her head high

Cried buckets full despite bloodlines to no one’s visibility

Ensured a soul so intact in her fighting spirit

And naturally, victory was achieved.

Women, black women, strong women, all women

From knitting and crocheting to high domestication then

Ma’am oh so true to the community

From mother, friend, lover, sister to head of the nation, a great astute leader now

Ma’am oh so true to the continent – Africa

Is a powerful force in the many trials and tribulations of the day

(Brought by new complex troubles of today)

For phenomenal, she is.

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