TheCreativePattern’s MAVERICK OF THE WEEK IS NANGAMSO NORUKA -@Nangi_Noruka.


Hi i am Nangi, a fashion enthuse, lover of all things creative and a mother to a real life princess 🙂

nangi 8              nangi 1

2.What do you do for a living?

I work in advertising as an Art director

3.How has Art changed your life?     

I have always lived by art for as long as i can remember, so it has made me an overall pleasant person to look at, speak to, and work with. So in essence it has just made me a better person.

4.What was the inspiration behind your blog ‘mannequin’?

my blog is called “mannequin” because I guess a mannequin you get to dress in whatever you like, whatever inspires you and whatever floats your boat at the time, so the idea was to “dress” in a sense my blog with what I like, what inspires me, and what’s on my radar  and hope that someone will catch it and like it.

nangi 2                nangi 6

5.How distinct is your style?  

well I think I dance to my own beat and that’s what sets me apart. I wear everything everyone else has, I just wear it different and with my own swag, I interpret something differently to what’s put out there, so I stand out.

6.What does being a maverick mean to you?

Being a maverick to me means dancing to your own beat, it means confidence, and it means being strong!

unnamed[3]    nangi 4     nangi 3

7.A quote you live by?

“Honor your own inherit godliness”

8.What evolution have you noticed in the Arts in South Africa? 

That we no longer look to European trends, our own spice has always been enough and someone like Laduma Ngxokolo of MaXhosa Knitwear is leading the way when it comes to that.

9.What to expect from you in the near future?  

I’m thinking of starting a mom blog. maybe to photo journal my life right now. I want to publish a fashion illustration book, and kick ass in advertising!

DSC_1522 (1)             unnamed[1]


1.Best 2015 album?

ALLA – A$VP Rocky

2.Favorite fashion accessory?  

RINGS and Hats. but RINGS!!!!! I pile them on

3.Most expensive purchase?

fashion purchase? does my camera count? I use it to take all my lookposts so it should count.

nangi 7

4.Paris or Milan?   


5.Favorite chocolate?  

Chocolate log

This is Nangi Noruka do interact with her through the following:




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