South Africa has a lot of fashion trendsetters that have paved the way,gave you valid key tips in keeping your fashion game on a classy level,introduced innovation&unfolding creativity in clothes.


Now I’m shifting your focus to my  growing Style Influencers in SA. Individuals that are setting the bar high, Introducing their preference & distinct taste in fashion & in the fashion industry at large. Diversifying fashion in South Africa & adding their own personal touch& showing us what fashion means to them. Don’t sleep on these people they making it.

First up we got:

1.Yoliswa Mqoco-A LISOF student (Institution Of Fashion),personal shopper& personal stylist.

I’ve done a blog post about her before, Yoliswa is all about making a statement through her clothes, fierceless is a perfect word to describe her style.


Yoliswa’s style is infusing different cultures and traditional clothing of all our tribes, a celebration of Africa & its beauty. Bright & bold colors enhance her African body & beauty.

YOLISWA 12   Yoliswa 1



Photos courtesy of Yoliswa’s Instagram

2.Ongeziwe Lupuwana -Model, actor, Law graduate pursuing his post grad in management at Wits business school&Jameson brand ambassador.

Mr Lupuwana is at his best when it comes to suits he keeps it clean, sleek & very dapper. He has an exquisite and enduring style,a sharp dresser.

Markhams_lebolukewarm_56     Oz Lupuwana 3

His very good with color scheming, putting on the correct accessorizes & most importantly wearing a perfectly altered suit that makes you aware of his personal style. Ongeziwe being a man that dresses sharp & uses classic style to his advantage that makes people value him, his ideas& presence.

Oz Lupuwana 2     Markhams_lebolukewarm_164



Photos courtesy of LeboLukeWarm @LeboLukeWarm

3.Bonolo Moeng– Stylist& Co Founder Of Style Tribe SA

Bonolo is all about prints, African prints(she dresses like she’s Chu’Swannapha’s younger sister)Yes I said it.

Bonolo Moeng 5     Bonolo Moeng 3

She’s a versatile dresser, she remains conscious of current and future/futuristic trends, and always implements innovatively, irresistibly and cost efficient(Always work with your budget) which has enabled her to push boundaries&not stick to dull& boring trends.

Bonolo Moeng 2    Bonolo Moeng 1



Photos courtesy of Style Tribe

4.Siyabonga Beyile Of The Threaded Man- a menswear blogger&influencer

Siyabonga Beyile is a gentleman with traditional values which he instills,shares his teachings&tips& how to be a modern man to the mass via his blog.

Siya Beyile 5     Siya Beyile 2

Siyabonga doesn’t limit himself to only being stylish but also in the way that he carries himself and does things. The Threaded Man is an all in one access to a conscious guideline to a gentleman’s life.Siya’s style is very classy & elegant, visualized very boldly  & adding subtle colors in the same breath its flexible with simplicity as a key element .That’s what I genuinely love the most, the simplicity .He takes you down on what you should consider when going out for a date, night out with the boys, outfits for the office to seasonal suits.

Siya Beyile 1    Siya Beyile 3



Photos courtesy of Threaded Man

5.NeemaNouse Of Nouse Lifestyle– Student & Blogger.

Neema’s fashion game is edgy, trendy, girly, classy with a mix of chic she’s all about being comfortable & has acquainted herself to the different trends in the blogsphere.

Neema 1    Neema 2

Giving her the ability to be open to trying new styles & implement them in her own unique way. Her style is evolving from time to time, making her grow through her fashion preference.

Neema 5   Neema 3



Photos courtesy of Nouse Lifestyle

6.Trevor Stuurman– Stylist, Blogger & Photographer.

Loving Stuurman’s style is indulging in bold, color & prints. He never tries to be on point his always on point.

Stuurman 1     Stuurman 4

His sunnies & eye catching hats are his signature. He implements every season’s trend with his personal touch making his style impeccable & worthy for the eye.

Stuurman 2    Stuurman 3



Photos courtesy of Stuurman Style Diary

7. Thuli Mola Of Style Alert SA-Stylist, designer, fashion buyer& founder of Style Alert SA.

Thuli Mola is a vintage lover & buyer,have you checked out the way she blends her clothes, reinvents vintage, adds her own unique touch & lifts it up with confidence?.

Thuli Mola 4     Thuli-Mola-2

She have a variety from vintage, chic to girly certainly an “IT” girl to catch on the fashion scene all about breaking boundaries & showing you how to be stylish & well balanced.

Thuli Mola 5   Thuli Mola 3


Instagram:@ StyleAlertThuli.

Photos courtesy of Thuli’s Instagram


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