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  1. Introduction 

Mark Akol is a unique multicultural enthusiast in the entertainment industry that presents on the platforms of  Radio Presenting , Club DJ’ing & MC’ing. He prides himself on authenticity ,art , music and social content with meaning. He continuously encourages originality and admires efforts by anyone who makes something of their lives despite life’s odds.  He is a thinker , a scholar of life and an artist, of which his life is his portrait . He has political views and ethical views that he is not afraid to voice . Entertainment is his dream which he is working at to make a reality.

2.How did being a radio personality go about?

I always listened to radio as a kid and wanted to join in. The older I got the more I yearned to join the platform as I felt that I had quite a lot to share with the world. When I reached university , I found the platform and quite sports to join the entertainment platform instead.

3.How&when did UCT Radio become home for you?

I joined in June 2012 and was completely inactive for the 6 months that prevailed. The beginning of the next year I endeavored to be a talk show host – but I was told that I was way too energetic and funny for a talk show and I should look into music show presenting. I grabbed the opportunity and never looked back.

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4.What are the perks of working in media?

The biggest perk for me is that I get to do what I love and engage at a deeper level with some of the people that put out the music , clothing , movies etc that I love. I get to share their journeys and present them to the world from a unique perspective.

5.How has social media impacted your job?

Its made my job a lot easier. I still read newspapers and books as much as I can but now its just so much easier to get content for virtually anything. I can now speak to people from Durban to Miami to Lagos to Kampala. Its great. Makes the world seem even more like a village than before. Information is now instantly accessible.

  1. Through being a radio personality, who’s the most memorable person you’ve met&how influential has that person been in your career?

It would be wrong for me not to mention Natalie , Grant (5FM) , Duncan , Sammy Sosa (Metro FM) , and Kyeezi (Goodhope FM) , whom have helped and advised me so much, particularly with regard to radio. What iv learnt from them is priceless

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7.What are the obstacles you’ve faced in building a solid audience base?

A lot of people who have wanted to tune in often have to stream as our signal strength doesn’t reach a lot of people and data in South Africa is quite expensive , so they have been slightly deterred by that factor. However , words cannot even begin to express how thankful I am to everyone that tunes in weekly. I love you guys

8.From being a radio personality,events MC to club DJ how do you balance all three?

They are all an element of what I love – the art of speech/vocals and music. So I see them as different branches of the same tree, so they do consume my life- but its what I love so I can’t see myself doing anything else right now.

9.How has your role at UCT Radio evolved since you started?

It has changed quite a lot . I started off with graveyard, which I relished : from 3-6am on Sunday where I played just House, RnB and Hip Hop, this continued for about 6 months until i was promoted to the Weekend breakfast show from 6-9 am which I did with the Hip Hop show until the end of 2012 . In January 2014 , my friend Sam (Sammy Sosa,who hosted Afternoon Drive at the time had to take some time off) I replaced her on the Afternoon Drive which I hosted until September of that year when I became Head DJ at the station-a managerial role- which couldn’t allow me to host a Monday to Friday Afternoon Drive. I served in this position and took up the WeekendDrive Show 3-6 until present. In August 2015 , I was asked to serve as the stations Programming Manager. I still host the Weekend Drive 🙂

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10.What do you personally consider to be the incisive moments in your artistic career? 

Iv not met him , but I was able to telephonic-ally interview Marlon Wayans . This was huge for me as that’s when I realized that ” Wow, this dream is coming true…I’m interviewing a Hollywood superstar” and that moment actually just allowed me to believe that I can make this a reality.

11.What to expect from Mark Akol in the future?

A complete twist to how people approach , see and feel about the entertainment industry. it will be like unlike anything people have heard, seen or particularly imagined. I dream of changing the way entertainment is seen in Africa with the aspiration that a positive vibrancy that will resonate in the lives of Africans-and inspire them to better their own lives. I’m still figuring how best to go about this.

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Thank you so much. I am humbled by all of this

Interact with Mark Akol through the following:

Twitter : Mark_Akol

Instagram : Mark_Akol

Facebook page :

My radio show is every Saturday and Sunday : 3-6 pm. Radio link is :

Thank you very much Mark for sharing your radio life with TheCreativePattern, all the best with your future endeavors.

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