We have Simbongile Ndlangisa of Seemenow Blog to take us through her Style Selection of the week


Monday (3)   Monday

Monday (4)   Monday (2)

Bomber Coat – Hand Me Down from my late aunt

Top – Leigh Schubert at TheBromwell Boutique Mall

Jeans – Legit

Shoes – MrP

Sunglasses – MrP

Look Inspiration: This look is functional, casual and the top gives it that extra edge. I love that the bomber coat is ankle length for the cold JHB mornings but I can always take it off in the afternoon and the top and jeans will carry the outfit.


Tuesday    Tuesday (4)

Tuesday (3)   Tuesday (2)

Coat – Thrift Store

Crop – DIY from aMrP Dress

Dungaree – MrP

Stockings – PnP

Boots&Sunglassses – MrP

Look Inspiration: It’s actually getting hotter in JHB since Spring is fast approaching – this look accommodates that but is also fun and flirty.


Wednesday 1    Wednesday (4)

Wednesday (3)   Wednesday (2)

Coat& Jacket – MrP

Jeans – Thrift Store

Top – Jessica Jane at TheBromwell Boutique Mall

Bandana – Vibes, Greenacres

Sneakers – New  Balance at Boaston Society

Look Inspiration:This is my favourite look of the week, mostly because it’s all grey and I’m obsessed with this coat from MrP that I got recently. I feel hella street style as soon as I add a bandana anywhere in my outfit.


Thursday   Thursday (2)

Thursday (3)   Thursday (4)

Jacket – MrP

Top – Free2BU

Skirt – MORGAN

Stockings – PnP

Boots – MrP

Look Inspiration: This is a typical, “I haven’t done my laundry so I have nothing to wear” outfit. I have to throw something together real fast but still try not to look like my life is falling apart – IO think I did okay?


Friday   Friday (2)

Friday (3)  Friday (4)

Bomber Jumper – Thrift Store

Leggings – Some Chinese Shop at Howard Centre in CPT

Sneakers – Converse

Sunglasses – Vibes, Greenacres

Look Inspiration: Fridays are for FUN! So I always put together an outfit that is versatile just incase my friends and I decide to something after campus.

My name is Simbongile Ndlangisa, a 3rd year Media Studies and African Languages student at Wits University. I blog on www.seemenowblog, to keep me from losing my mind – I like creating content and having an outlet to put it on where other humans can see it. Currently, my blog is a hobby but I am currently working on a big project that may see me and my friend and business partner creating a big platform for the South African millennials.

I was quite chuffed when I was asked to submit my daily looks for an average week on campus. I don’t at all consider myself stylish or even fashion forward, I kind of make do with what I have and what I can afford on a low student budget. This is also why I wanted to be really honest about what I look like when I am at Uni during the week – I have seen many weekly style diaries with people in the fanciest clothes which seems rather impractical to me.

I’m one of those people that refuse to wear my nicest clothes on campus, I still aim to look good though but you won’t spot me in my Madison Mules running to my next class.

These looks that I chose this week were super simple with the addition of accessories to lift each outfit up a little. My ultimate favorite is my all grey look. I’ve grown so fond of neutral colors but I will never abandoned my bright, ever! Neutrals are especially great in winter when you have to layer up to fight the cold but still look good.

I hope you enjoyed my Style Selection and would love to know what your favorite outfits are – comment below 🙂


Photographer: Nomvelo Chalumbira @Nomvelorosie

Styling&Make-Up: Simbongile Ndlangisa


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