O’hail a creative soul,  a creative king in his rightful place. I’m drawn to your craft its a path you have paved leading us to the fire that burns inside of you bringing life to the canvas & oil you touch. I welcome Loyiso Mkize.

loyiso mkize portraitLoyiso Mkize Portrait 2

 Who is Loyiso Mkize?   

An artist, illustrator, graphic designer from eGcuwa Butterworth in the Eastern Cape & currently resides in Cape Town. With a timeless exhibition titled “Reflections of inner truth” that put him & his work on the map, the collection digs deep on the modern human experience. Its a reflection of the people that Loyiso encounters in his everyday life It also explores societal issues & how they mold us.

Loyiso-Mkize portrait 3Loyiso Mkize 9

Loyiso Mkize 2Loyiso Mkize 3

Loyiso expresses his art “My gift as an artist is also a duty to enrich the world with visions that dare to break the world’s façade and inspire a greater tomorrow. The human being’s complexities and pre-occupations fascinate me and so become the subject matter where I attempt to mold a new consciousness. My art is created to shock, to scare, to evoke emotion, to touch, and ultimately to inspire. And so I’ll remain prolific in this lifelong commitment allowing my hand to be the channel between you and I. My vision belongs to the world”.

Loyiso Mkize 4Loyiso Mkize 5Loyiso Mkize 6Loyiso Mkize 7

Loyiso Mkize’s artwork is visionary, a creation that thoroughly voices out emotions, personal experiences, identity& freedom. He adds an authentic touch with African roots making a statement of its own.

Loyiso Mkize 12Loyiso Mkize 13Loyiso Mkize 15

Mr. Mkize creates& portrays powerful images that are reflective of our African struggles giving recognition to the struggles & embracing them as part of who we are today.

Loyiso Mkize 8Loyiso Mkize 10Loyiso Mkize 11

Interact with Loyiso Mkize through the following:                                                               Twitter:@Loyiso_Mkize.


Check at his work:

Loyiso Mkize 16Loyiso Mkize 17Loyiso Mkize 18

“When I think of art I think of beauty. Beauty is the mystery of life. It is not in the eye it is in the mind. In our minds there is awareness of perfection”.~ Agnes Martin

Loyiso Mkize 14


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