TheCreativePattern’s MAVERICK OF THE WEEK IS @AustinMalema.

  1. Who is Austin Malema?

Austin Malema is a 24 year old young man, who is a film and video editor by profession and photographer by passion.

Austin 8

2.What does Austin do for a living?

For a living I shoot and edit videos full time (as a freelancer) and I have just fallen in love with photography and that my new thing. So I take pictures and get paid for it.

Austin 9

3.Who would you compare your style to?

I cant really say I compare my style to anyone as I have not found a definite style that defines Austin Malema. My work is still all over the place and I take a boit of inspiration from different guys, From @vanstyles, @trashhand, !3thwitness, @Unclescrooch and many other local guys

4. Your biggest career highlight?

Biggest Career highlight would have to be shooting Cassper Nyovest for his #FillUpTheDome Concert. We actually shooting inside the Dome, now that will be fun.

Austin 1Austin 2Austin 3

5.What’s your take on the growth of South African photography?

South African Photography is growing, I am inspired on a daily by guys I never knew existed and thanks to social media I am meeting them and loving their work. A few years ago bloggers carried cameras around and I used to be irritated as they interfered with our work, but now some of those bloggers are my inspiration.

6.What does being a maverick mean to you?

Being a maverick means being Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Hahaha Being a maverick to me means being good at something .

Austin 4Austin 5

7.A quote you live by?

Do what you love and love what you do.

5 Facts About You.-

1.My son is the winner of my heart

2.Family First (I love my family)

3.I love going up rooftops of buildings in Johannesburg

4.I think I am a comedian sometimes.

5.I hate replying to texts(I know that for a fact lol)

Austin 7            Austin 10

1.Favourite band?

The Script

2.Favourite drink?

Dry Lemon

3.Clubbing or house parties?

None. I like working, so whenever I am out I am working and I guess that’s why I cant can’t choose 1

Austin 6

4.Your dislikes?

I dislike fake people who compliment you online or in your face but then talk about you behind your back.

I hate texts.

5.Favorite cologne?

I do not have one….

This is Austin Malema keep in touch with his through the following:




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