1. Who is Teena Anathi?                                                                                                                                                        I’m an extroverted introvert; I seem outgoing and confident but in reality I love to get lost in my mind, I am a loner actually. I’m a highly opinionated young lady who is always looking to learn something new or have my views challenged. I love image, I love looking good, smelling good and expressing myself through the way I present myself. I’m very passionate about the African Girl child and would like to do my part in ensuring that they know their worth& ability

Teena 2      Anathi 2Anathi 3                                                                                                                                                                                                            2.What does Teena do for a living? 
Public relations Specialist for Unisa School of Business Leadership and a Student (BA Communication Science)

3.Where You Located?
I’m Jozi Based

4.What does fashion &style mean to you?
Style in my world is originality, self-expression and it’s about me and my interpretation of self.

My style is simple/effortless, clean and fun. It’s the way I want to present myself to the world. It’s who I am, Its Personal…

Anathi 7      Anathi 4

5.Which South African media personality you would love to raid their wardrobe & why?

Geeez I really had to think long and hard; but still did not have someone that stands out and wows me.  I will just change the South African to international Lol: Rihanna for her cool, trendy, fierce and fashion packed closet and Sarah Jessica Parker the ultimate style icon who inspired girls all over the world to take risks with fashion. They both have been a dream to watch as their style evolved into their signatures/ major part of their image.

6.What are the challenges you think young South African’s are facing in the fashion industry?

I’m a ,give me solutions and not Problems kind of thinker….  There is a tremendous amount of talented fashionistas, designers and fashion merchants in South Africa; the problem isn’t in finding the talent. The problem is often the lack of business skills required to take a small business to a profitable enterprise that is sustainable in the long term.  Young people in the fashion industry need to learn basic to advance business skills that will assist them in not only building the brand but also making it sustainable.                                                                                                                                                          7.What does being a maverick mean to you?  

Being indefinable yet having the ability to Inspire, Influence and Impact those who interact with your “persona brand” and your environment.

Teena 4  Teena  Teena 3                                                                                                                                                                                                      8.A quote you live by?

“life has a way of fixing itself ”                                                                                                                                                    9.What to expect from you in the near future?    

A website addressing image; personal branding; workplace style and etiquette (dressing for success).I love the corporate life; so I will still be climbing the corporate ladder and hopefully I will soon enter the Corporate and Public Affairs Sector.


5      Facts about You.    


  1. A weekend getaway with who?

With My cousins (a crazy bunch) island hopping in Greece or the Thai Islands; as long as there are beaches we good.

2.KONG,TABOO or Cocoon?

I’m not big on clubbing, I’m a champers, sushi and great company kind of woman.

Anathi 5    Anathi 9   Anathi 8

3.Favourite Actor&Actress?

I’m a Reader and not big on movies  but enjoying watching Taraji P. Henson dominating and giving a different representation of African American Actress.

4.Favourite clothing label?

Witchery, Country Road, Zara and Topshop

5.Favourite restaurant?

DW11-13 their wine and food pairing is superb.

This is Anathi Gwiliza,Keep in touch with her through the following:



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