I have witnessed them speak,

Their voices echoing in the stillness of silence,

I’ve seen their words painted on screens

And papers no one shall truly read,

They speak with vigor and passion

Which transcend from their hearts to the hearts of many,

They have become idols

Who use their words to inspire and create a following?

I have heard them speak


Use words like paint brushes to create vivid pictures

With words that manipulate the mind,

They have imprisoned the consciousness of man

And he remains bound

To senseless propaganda that is never silenced,

We do not know truth from lies,

We too busy believing the empty promises

From individuals that do not hear their lies,

But in a world where everyone speaks and does not listen

Where is the compassion in hearing someone’s pain?

Where is the mercy in hearing someone’s plea for help?

Are we this ignorant that we idly stand by?

And shield our eyes from the painful displays

That promise to plague us,

Are we too cowardly that we express action?

Through words that are meaningless,

The pen is mightier than the sword this has been written,

But what happens when the words we create

Using that pen cut deeper than the sword,

For words uttered by ignorance can incite misery and pain,

Are we too far gone that we do not hear the voices of those in need,

Too far gone to hear those who plead?

I heard them speak,

Saw their words come alive in the presence of silence,

In the world we live silence speaks volumes

For the words uttered have lost their weight.


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