We welcome a young, growing and talented photographer who simply goes by the name Kamo to talk us through her love for photographer and how she surfaced.

Kamo photographer 2   Kamo photographer 1

1.When did you fall in love with photography & knew it was your talent?

To be honest, there wasn’t a specific time in which I fell in love with photography. It was more of a journey in the sense that I just kept trying new things and remained consistently curious about how to take different types of photos. I didn’t know it would become a regular thing that I do or that I would enjoy it the way I do now. It was definitely more of a process rather than a sudden realization of  “love”. One day I came across an advert for a local photography competition. At that point I was just trying my luck by entering and to my surprise I won. I guess I can say that’s when I realized I might have some form of talent with regard to photography.

Kamo chess vs self  Cereal & cartoons

  1. Your achievements & challenges through your career?

The fact that I’m even considered a professional photographer is a personal achievement considering I haven’t studied photography. Every photo I’ve taken is a result of just being curious and ‘free styling’ with the camera. To have my work featured in exhibitions among other trained professionals is an honour. This has led to several opportunities and a considerable amount of exposure for my blog in the local creative scene.

Other achievements include: 

1.Winner of the first HeadHoncho and Miller, Fresh Snaps Photography Competition, which also had my photography printed on limited edition Head Honcho clothing.                                                                                                            2.Sunday Times Generation Next photography competition Finalist.                                                                                                                                                                           3.Selected as a Mr Price ‘Campus influencer’ 2014                                                                                                                 4.Top 5 ODF (Organ Donor foundation) Awareness campaign group member                                                                       5.Photography feature on Wits Vuvuzela website                                                                                                   6.Photography feature on @southafrica instagram, #VOTESA ‘best picture’                                                                          7.Photography feature on Mika Stefano’s blog                                                                                                                           8.I have participated in three (3) Photography exhibitions                                                                                                      9.Guest judge for ‘The Mob S.A.’ photography competition

Kamo's 1   Kamo's 2  Kamo's 3   Kamo's 5


I would say the challenges through out my photography career have been very limited. Photography is a hobby more than a career because I’m actually a Strategic Communications and Brand Management honours student. That is my career, not photography.  Photography is a hobby that came with unexpected growth, so essentially everything has been an up hill journey because I originally didn’t even expect to grow to begin with.

Kamo's 6  Kamo's 7

Kamo's 8

  1. The different personalities & people you have worked with on your photography (well known & unknown faces)?

As a street photographer, I focus more on taking photos of every day people around the city and do much less studio shoots, which is often where celebrities (well known faces) would have shoots.  I definitely take more photos of everyday South Africans.

Kamo's 9

Kamo's 11

4.What are Kamogelo’s latest projects?

At the moment I’m focusing on my studies, while doing freelance photography and work within agencies. I have a new blog collaboration in the works but that’s all I will say for now until all aspects have been finalized.

Kamo's 12  Kamo 1  Kamo's 13

  1. Any exhibitions you will be showcasing your work?

Lol no, not at the moment. I have not agreed to participate in any exhibitions.

Kamo's 14  Kamo's 15  Kamo's 16

Keep in touch with Kamogelo through the following:

Twitter: ___Kamo

Instagram: ___Kamo

Blog: http://kamospalate.tumblr.com

We from TheCreativePattern would like to thank you Kamo, best of luck with your future endeavors and we leave you with a very meaningful quote.

“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”

— Anonymous


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