TheCreativePattern’s MAVERICK OF THE WEEK IS @ThandoTafeni

A simple&stylish gentleman I went to high school with & his here to take us through his likes& interests.

1.Who is Thando Tafeni?

Im 24 years old. I grew up in Joburg and Mthatha. I’m really just a man going through life the best way I know how. Often misunderstood but that’s okay because those are the things that help me grow. Ambitious, driven and creative.

thando 2    thando 12

  1. What do you do for a living?

Nobody knows what I do for a living *insert chuckle*. I think the words “entrepreneur” and “investor” have been overused, so I’d describe what I do as building a brand.

3.Describe your style?

Neat. I don’t dress fancy all the time but I always make sure I look neat. It stems from when I was younger and my mother would say “You’re not leaving the house looking like that” and I’d have to change until she was satisfied. That has always stuck with me. I look at the mirror at least 10 times, send my girlfriend a couple of outfit options to see if she picks the outfit I actually like the most then leave the house hahaha! (You can cut this last part out, I’m just being silly 🙂 )

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4.A quote you live by?

“If it is God’s will, then let it be.”

When you don’t understand what is happening in your life, don’t fight it. It will always make sense somewhere along the line. We often make plans and have visions for our lives, and things may take a turn. At the time, it may seem like a turn for the worst, but it could end up being for the best. So let it be.

5.What being a Maverick means to you?

A Maverick is defined as a person who is a free spirit and doesn’t play by the rules. To me, it’s someone who does things differently, and the outcome always leaves people in awe.

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5 Facts About You

1.A role you would play in a movie?

Tony Stark.

2. Favorite hangout spot?

My mother’s house. I don’t get to see her often so any opportunity I get to spend time with her, I do. She’s a parent and a friend and she does it so easily. We always have a great time when we’re together.

3.Holiday destination local & International?

Locally it has to be Umhlanga, Durban. It is the most beautiful place in the country that I have been to. I haven’t travelled internationally yet because I want to travel the country and see the rest of its beauty before experiencing international cultures and their beauty. However, Greece is at the top of my list of future holiday destinations.

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4.All time favorite hip-hop and house albums?

I don’t have a favorite house album. Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt has to be my favorite hip-hop album because I think it was Jay-Z’s best album hands down. It introduced me to hip-hop.

5.Favorite clothing item?

Formal shoes. They look good with almost anything. I like to pair them with jeans and a golf shirt. They tie the whole outfit together well for me, without making me look like ubhuti wamakhadi.

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This is Thando Tafeni, keep in touch with him through the following:                                             Twitter:@Thandotafeni.


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