MY ALL TIME STYLISH PHOTOS OF @fezokuhle Zulu & @MelodyMolale

Fezokuhle 4

These ladies are-from left Fundi Kumalo (done a blog interview with her a while back).Fezokuhle Zulu & Melody Molale, Ladies that are trendsetters in the fashion industry in South Africa. They look like they about to priemere their reality TV show.Now I’m taking you through My all time favorite stylish photos of  Fezokuhle &Melody.

Fezokuhle Zulu is a super stylish&sexy South African actress& A-Lister with a flair of always looking stylish in a minimal manner, and of course knows how to blend an outfit and is definitely good when it comes to color scheming. I bring to you (according to me) Fezokuhle’s all time favourite stylish images.

Fezokuhle 1  Fezokuhle 2  Fezokuhle 3   Fezokuhle 5

Fezokuhle 7   Fezokuhle 8

Fezokuhle 9  fezokuhle 11

Fezokuhle 12

Keep in touch with Fezokuhle Zulu on the following:                                                               Twitter:@Fezokuhle.


Melody Molale is an exquisite wife, fashion blogger&trendsetter of high note you might know her from the blog in partnership with Yolanda Masinga.A housed blog about everything fashionable,stylish&lavish.Clearly being stylish runs between husband&wife,Mr Molale is on a dapper scale .Mrs Molale is a fierce woman with an enviable sense of style and intense beauty.Melody’s style is constantly flawless and representing class and grace.

I bring to you (according to me) Mrs Molale’s All time stylish images.

Melody 1  Melody 2  Melody 3

Melody 4  Melody 5 Melody 6 Melody 7  Melody 8   Melody 9

Melody 10  Melody 11 Melody 12

Melody 13

Keep in touch with Melody Molale through the following:                                                               Twitter:@MelodyMolale.



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