1. Who is Siphele Tom?

Siphelele Tom is a small town guy, who was raised by a single parent (mother) with two siblings. I’m very loving,caring and overprotective when it comes to my loved ones. I value friendships and relationships. I’m an emotional guy but people close to me get the chance to see that side of me. I don’t like people to know the emotional side of me. I’m an ambitious and driven young gent who will stop at nothing to get what nothing to get what he wants.
I don’t like letting people know the whole situation because they have the proclivity of wanting to determine your happiness. I’m very straightforward and sometimes I’m misunderstood for being rude. Sometimes you just have to tell people the truth no matter how much it hurts

Fero 4

.2. What does he do for a living?

I’m currently working as a Sales Executive at GM Kenrich Motors in Grahamstown. I’m a marketer by profession.
3.A quote you live by?

There’s no dream that is too BIG.
4.Style Icons?

Travis Gumbs (Street etiquette) & Kanye West.
Fero 1

5. 4 words to describe your style?

Carefree, Simple, Intriguing and Influencial
6.What does being a Maverick mean to you?

Being a Maverick to me means that you have become a person who is perceived as influencial to their peers.

Fero 3
7.Your thoughts on the growth of branding&marketing in South Africa?

South African branding & marketing has grown so much in the past few years thanks to the Marketing Institutions who have invested a lot of money in advancing the level of education that is provided. As well as corporations who have now given the youth opportunities to express themselves the way they want to. Marketers are being allowed the freedom to communicate with the market using all sorts of art forms but still promoting the particular brand.

8.What to expect from you?

Loyalty, Respect, Ambition and Drive
9. Facts about you.

1. Your Hobbies?

My hobbies are reading, listening to music, reading up on current affairs and going out with friends.

2.Your favourite hangout spot?

My favourite chill out spot at the moment has to be the Atmosphere Market at 37 on New in Grahamstown.

Fero 2 Fero 6

3.Your Ideal Friday night?

My ideal Friday night is chilling indoors with friends, drinking whilst discussing music, politics, books and women.

4. Favourite music genre?

It has to be Indie
5.Fashion brands you love?

I don’t have a favourite clothing/ fashion brand I like because the only prominent brands you’ll see me wearing will be on my sneakers (Nike,Superga and Puma). I buy from different clothing shops and I thrift there and then so yeah.

6.Your favourite Artist?

My favourite artist at the moment has to Active Child. This guy makes music for the soul. If you’ve never listened to him, I urge you to give him a listen.

Fero 5
7.South African Brands you would love to work with?

I would love to be part of Coca Cola South Africa’s marketing team.
8.That one brand you would love to be a brand marketer for?

Topco Media

Want to keep in touch with Siphele Tom,you can through the following:

Twitter: Fero_T
Instagram: Fero_T
Facebook: Siphelele Fero T


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