Phindile Thengeni’s Denim ‘Instabition’ in collaboration with Tshepo Mosokotso.

Tshepo Mosokotso

It was recently launched via instagram ,an Instabition is (an exhibition released in an Instagram gallery).Tshepo who also contributed to the styling, and models alongside her in the images. Let’s find out more on the instabition&touch base on who Tshepo Mosokotso is.

Instabition 21  Instabition 22

1. Please tell us more on who Tshepo Mosokotso is? I would like to believe that I am a creative. I create a lot of content for different publications. I think I am cool but I am not sure (laughs), folks will be the judge of that, don’t you think?

2. What do you do for a living?
As mentioned on the above answer, one of the biggest things I do is to create content and I predominately create it for Live SA and Livity Africa. I also blog and do styling on the side. One cannot have one job these days.

Instabition 1  Instabition 2 Instabition 19

3.Since you are a campaign executive&Fashion editor how do you balance the two? Time management is key. I had to learn this principal earlier on in varsity. Planning your time accordingly helps to achieve maximized and desired results.

4..I’m very fascinated on your recent Denim inspired Instabition,please take us through the core inspiration&execution of it?
We love how denim has a sense of character to it: durability, easiness and versatility are the order of the day. Those are some of the aspects we wanted to celebrate with the photoshoot, I think we nailed it.

Instabition 3  Instabition 4

Instabition 5 Instabition 20

5. .How did the location of the shoot blend with your vision? The recent denim instabition is part of a continuous and fabulous movement which was created by Phindile Thengeni a long time ago, in which she would call unto certain creatives to collaborate with and create magic. I have seen some of her previous Instabitions and I liked them and it was super cool to be asked to collaborate on this one. We have collaborated on different projects before, including moi styling her for Live SA and Mr Price digitorial which was denim inspired, I guess the idea was born out of that photoshoot.

6.How is the feedback?
The feedback has been phenomenal, I mean you are asking about it and that’s rad (huge smile).

7. Any stumbling blocking in making the instabition a success?
I think there only thing that was a stumbling block was our different schedules. We had postponed the photoshoot twice before finally getting to do it on the third time. Our schedules are always crazy. We felt very passionate about this denim instabition and we just decided to get our lives and put aside our other work stuff and make it happen, which we did fabulously if I have to say myself.

Instabition 6 Instabition 7Instabition 8

Instabition 9

8.Who are the local creatives you worked with on this project?

Other creatives we worked with is the phenomenal Liam Lynch. He is super crazy when it comes to portraits, He is basically amazeballs. He got what we wanted to go for and executed it ferociously well.

9.What is Tshepo Mosokotso’s vision of S.A fashion?

Let’s be crazy, let’s have fun. Let’s support more local designers and consigners, let’s rope in our talented writer and photographer friends into projects. Collaboration is vital and necessary for South African fashion industry to grow and prosper. Our country needs that – so that those potential consumers can 100% support local made products and be patriotically cool.

Instabition 10 Instabition 11Instabition 12

Instabition 13

10. Anything to expect from you through the remaining months of 2015? Wait and see. I like to produce work and let people judge, that’s all. I am not about talk. I am a doer. Folks must just check out my different social media platforms for anything that I will be producing.

Instabition 14  Instabition 15 Instabition 16

Instabition 17 Instabition 23 Instabition 24

Keep in touch with Tshepo Mosokotso through the following:

Twitter: @sponono_fierce.
All the best of luck Tshepo with your future plans,we TheCreativePattern thank you for the time you spared for the interview,God bless.


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