1.Who Twiggy is?

Twiggy is my alter ego. I got the nickname when I was in primary school because I was so skinny. When social media and that came about, I needed a handle so went for “Twiggy”. Twiggy is a little more outgoing than Tshepang, speaks her mind and isn’t afraid of what people think of her. What people won’t believe is that I really am shy so having this alter ego helps me break out of that shell.

Twiggy 7

2.What does she do for a living?

I am more than one thing. I think having only 1 job as a millenial is quite strange. I am a brand manager/ digital marketer, a lifestyle & fashion blogger. (Amateur) photographer and food stylist and full time fan girl for Riky Rick lol.

Twiggy 6

  1. A brief description on SleeplessInSoweto,Its aim& purpose?

Sleepless in Soweto is a women’s lifestyle blog devoted to inspiring an exuberant and creative life. Our upbringing in Soweto combined with my self-diagnosis of insomnia was the spark that began the journey of Sleepless in Soweto in 2011.

Founded by Myself, and co-authored by Lesedi Ramonyane, my sister and bff, the blog has grown over the years from simply being a space to share cool fashion photos to a platform showcasing our obsession with beauty, travel, food, fashion and photography. As sisters and BFFs, Sleepless in Soweto also offers a glimpse of our adventures together around Johannesburg.

Twiggy 1

4.Describe your style?

My style is very edgy and hip. I don’t have an exact description of my style because it’s constantly changing depending on my mood. It can go to sophisticated to sporty to hobo chic depending on how I feel that day.I always just make sure that I am super comfortable and sexy at all times.

Twiggy 4

5.A quote you live by?

“Never grow up.”

6.What does being a Maverick mean to you?

Being a maverick to me means being your unique self. Being independent, a trendsetter, setting your own rules and following your own opinions. Not letting other people’s judgment affect your life.

7.What to expect from you?

I have a cool doccie/movie that I have been working on with my sister and a filmmaker from L.A about urban culture and millennials in South Africa. We’re working on our crowd funding now to get it finished. You can read more about the project and see the trailer here: working on a new blog – can’t mention details just yet 😉

Twiggy 5  Twiggy 3

  1. 5 facts about you.

1.Do you have any secret passions?

Food styling and photography. Not sure if these are a secret anymore

2.Your favourite meal?

Samp with mogodu

3.Your ideal present?

A pair of designer sunnies (preferably Miu Miu)

Twiggy 2

4.what are you currently listening to?

Riky Rick’s Family Values and ASAP Rocky’s At. Long. Last. A$AP (on repeat)

5.favourite item of clothing?

My high waisted skinny jeans

6.What makes Twiggy standout from the rest of the crowd?

My hair. (Before I cut it, growing it back though)

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