Young, creative, stylish, artistic, devoted & dedicated is Muzikayise Ndlovu founder & fashion designer of ClassOverSwagg but you can simply say COS.

Muzi portrait  Muzi Portrait 2

Muzikayise is here to share the life, birth & rise of his fashion label ClassOverSwagg.


 ClassOverSwagg began in 2012 it all started when I decided to create my own fashion blog(tumblr page) and to my surprise the response I received towards the blog was amazing, we got 50000 views in less than 6 months. So then later on in that year a boy of mine approached me and gave me the idea of starting my own clothing label so in September that year we dropped our Spring/Summer collection and since then we’ve been pushing.

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As with every new brand you will experience challenges and with us our main challenge has been financially, we use personal funding to do everything we need to do and hence we have struggled to do mass produce our clothing so that it reaches far more people than it has as well as reaching stores a thing that we are still working on but nonetheless we are doing well even without the financial power. Another challenge we face is that we haven’t reached the public as much as we would have wanted but we are making progress in that regard and more and more people recognize us now.

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The inspiration for every collection we drop comes from our passion for the art,we create clothing because we love what we do and that’s where our inspiration comes from and also from the things we experience in our everyday lives as well as the random things we see.

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ClassOverSwagg aims to create innovate clothing and taking South African fashion to another level by thinking out of the box and creating pieces that will make a mark in the industry for years to come. We would also love to create jobs for people so as the brand grows we can be able to create job opportunities for aspiring designers, seamstresses, etc. Our vision is just to become a leading brand in Africa and then the rest of the world and we believe that can be achieved through consistency, innovation and a whole lot of hardwork.

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We are currently working on a few projects, we just dropped our winter collection which you can check out on our various social networks, And if you want to place an order email or

whatsapp 084 425 7072

Twitter : @ClassOverSwagg /Muzii_COS

Facebook : ClassOverSwagg

Instagram : classover_swagg / muzii_cos

Tumblr :

We are also working on a few collaborations for Spring/Summer.We plan to make a few appearances at fashion shows and pop-up stores.Currently working on getting our clothes into stores as well and working on an online store.

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Our clothing is proudly South African because we are South Africans that make clothing in South Africa and are trying to put SA on the map with the talent that we have and are just in tune with trends that are currently big in SA.



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