I have a guest writer by the name of Itumeleng Matlare a blogger & Brand building and brand management student at Vega school Johannesburg.


.The article goes as follows.


I am a sucker for themed parties. Ok, I’ll admit that at first I walk around my house, my friends houses every mall in the north as well as every online shopping site cursing the day the host was born but when I actually find my outfit it’s such an amazing feeling.

So today, we’re talking about themed parties. The good, the bad and the lame. I’ve only hosted one themed party and that was for my 21st birthday party, which many people do. Everyone came dressed up like they were about to star in a James Bond movie, which I absolutely loved. There’s just something about a man in a tux that…well you know. Anyway, I’m not making this a long post so here are my tips to making a success of any themed party.

The Snobs Guide to Themed Parties:

Firstly, NEVER be that person who doesn’t dress up. That’s so lame. You just ruin the party vibe and you don’t look cool at all. Don’t be the poo in the pool!

Research! Don’t think of your outfit last minute. I’ve dressed up as Winnie The Pooh, 80’s rock stars, Grace Kelly, Minnie Mouse and so many more and I looked AMAZING (even if I do say so myself) because I did my research.

Where to shop: This all depends on your budget. For formal attire I always start at Top Shop and then move on to Zara in Sandton. They usually have something nice. Otherwise, Cotton On has cute stuff as well.

Wear something that’s comfortable. If you’re going to a formal party then wear your 6-inch Louboutins but if you’re going to be out on the field, those red soles wouldn’t be the choice. Try Converse.

Read the invitation: You would think that this is a given but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t read it and then get it wrong.

Don’t wear the obvious. BE CREATIVE. GOOGLE PEOPLE!

Costume shops are also really useful for ideas. If you have the money, go and rent one but if like me you find it weird to share clothes with people you don’t even know, just go there to get ideas on how you could put together an outfit of your own.

Look, like I’ve said I’m not the oracle (I mean I kind of am but only in my own head) so you don’t have to listen to me but you don’t want to be the one person who didn’t bother to make an effort. Being the poo in the pool is the worst because you can ruin the whole party for everyone including yourself. Plus, there isn’t anything better than dressing up as one of the Mario Brothers and using your hat as a cup 🙂 If you choose to be that guy, you’ll find yourself having to explain that you’re ‘nothing’ to every “So what’s your outfit?”. It becomes embarrassing and you don’t end up having as good a time as everyone else.

Thank you very much Itumeleng for being a guest writer for TheCreativePattern, we appreciate and love your work, keep shining.





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